Stakeholder & Focus Group Interviews

Stakeholder & Focus Group Interviews

A process for groups, organizations or community leaders

Current leadership practices focus on strengthening organizations and communities by inviting input from a broad-based group of individuals and stakeholders. This untapped insight can provide a unique perspective to issues and possible solutions and allows an organization to mine ideas from the community’s best thinkers. 

Stakeholder interviews are conducted with three to six key stakeholders, allowing them to answer specific questions designed to inform community and organization leaders about concerns and solutions. This interview process gives a community or an organization an “outside” look of their organization.

Focus group interviews also provide a logical follow-up to a broad data gathering process, such as a community assessment.  Participants provide a dialogue to specific questions and topics to allow leaders to further examine and gain a better understanding of areas of concern.

  • Tap into the insight of specific groups like your organization’s stakeholders or special community groups
  • Discover what community leaders, business owners, influencers, board members and others think and believe about your organization’s effectiveness
  • Examine specific issues, concerns, or topics
  • Utilize the collected narratives to improve the work and impact of your organization

Contact: Becky Nesbitt