Seek Excellence

Seek Excellence

seek (verb): to look for or discover

excellence (noun): the quality of being excellent or very good

Discover the best in you. Seek excellence.

Building Capacity in Organizations and Communities

Click here to learn more about the workshops and processes designed to improve the effectiveness of groups, teams and organizations.

  • Board Development & Training
  • Community Assessment
  • Community Health Assessment
  • Hospitality Basics
  • Stakeholder & Focus Group Interviews
  • Strategic Planning

Leadership Development

Click here to learn more about the workshops designed to help individuals develop the capacity to build effective interpersonal skills, stong teams, and innovative solutions.

  • Change
  • Facilitator Training
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ – Personality Styles
  • StrengthsFinder™
  • Team Building

Educational & Professional Services

  • Workshops and training
  • Community assessment and data collection
  • Applied research
  • Facilitation

For more information, contact:

Becky Nesbitt
Assistant Professor/Extension Educator
Phone: (740) 645-5380