Community Health Assessment

Community Health Assessment

A process for groups, organizations or community leaders

Access to healthcare is one of the key topics of discussion not only at the national and state levels, but at the local level as well. How healthy are the citizens in your community? How well does you community address the health needs of the diverse population of the area? A community health assessment can help inform community and health industry leaders about the needs and assets of the community as it relates to health care and the health of the area’s residents. 

A community health assessment will identify the resources and the capacity to address priority needs. Information obtained for the community health assessment is used to set priorities and to make decisions about program or organizational improvement and allocation of resources and can inform leaders about developing a community health action plan. 

  • Identify your community’s health needs, concerns and challenges
  • Gain a snapshot of health providers and the health care industry in your area
  • Use data to develop strategies to improve health care and create a more livable, healthier community

This facilitation approach creates local ownership of the plan, strengthens community networks, and encourages the development of community linkages.

Contact: Becky Nesbitt

An example of our work:

Highland County Community Health Report - Summary of Findings (April 2016)

Highland County Community Health Assessment Infographic:
(Click on image to view in larger pdf format.)