Organizational Capacity Building Programs

Alber Enterprise Center
Whether it’s consulting, coaching or training, the Alber Enterprise Center is the one-stop source to help Ohio businesses achieve long-term, sustainable growth. Seasoned Alber organization development consultants provide customized, impact-driven solutions that support economic revitalization and expansion throughout the Buckeye State. Outcomes achieved include increased sales and productivity, streamlined operations, improved employee morale, reduced turnover, tangible and intangible cost savings, and innovative culture growth. Click on the program title for more information. Contact: Myra Wilson

Appreciative Inquiry
Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a comprehensive organization and community change process that intentionally focuses on the best in people, their organizations, and the relevant world around them. Through the use of unconditionally positive questions, AI broadens and deepens the imaginative capacity and accelerates the speed of innovation, leading to positive change. Visit for more information. Contacts: Brian Raison

Board Development & Training
This workshop is designed for governing boards of nonprofit organizations.  Learn about Ohio’s legal requirements for members of nonprofit boards.  Discover strategies to improve your board’s effectiveness. Learn tips for improving attendance at board meetings, selecting new board members, and making meetings more productive (and fun). Contacts: Becky Nesbitt

Community Assessment
A community assessment is a process for groups, organizations or community leaders who want to identify the community’s assets, needs, and opportunities.  The process will tap into the opinions, wisdom and concerns of community members and allow community/organization leaders to utilize information gathering resources designed specifically for the community, to address needs, form partnerships, seek funding, and tackle community concerns. Click on the program title to learn more. Contacts: Becky Nesbitt

Community Health Assessment
A community health assessment process for groups, organizations or community leaders is designed to identify the community’s health needs, concerns and challenges.  Organization leaders will gain a snapshot of health providers in the area and use data to develop strategies to improve health care and create a more livable, healthier community. Click on the program title to learn more. Contacts: Becky Nesbitt

Trained facilitators are available to assist your business/organization to work through a process to reach a productive end result. These facilitators have worked with numerous businesses/organizations to assist with ranking priorities with development, issues, or visions for the company. Contacts: Becky Nesbitt

Hospitality Basics
This workshop is designed for visitor bureau or chamber of commerce staff and volunteers.  Participants will discover ways to empower volunteers and staff to create a visitor-friendly community (business), learn strategies to improve communication and provide courteous service, and improve a visitor’s impression of your community. Click on the program title to learn more. Contacts: Becky Nesbitt

Stakeholder & Focus Group Interviews
This process-driven activity for groups, organizations or community leaders will enable participants to tap into the insight of specific groups such as stakeholders or special community groups.  Participants will discover what community leaders, business owners, influencers, board members and others think and believe about the organization’s effectiveness, potential issues or concerns, or topics of interest. Click on the program title to learn more. Contacts: Becky Nesbitt

Strategic Planning for Organizations or Communities
Strategic planning is a process for groups, organizations or community leaders to enable them to determine the organization’s purpose, clearly articulate goals, improve the desired outcomes for the organization or community, and to move the community or organization forward, to a collective, desired future. Click on the program title to learn more. Contacts: Becky Nesbitt

Strategic Planning
Contacts: Nancy Bowen; David Civittolo; Brian Raison

Vision to Action
A program designed to take practitioners through the community action process: from getting started, to holding a community workshop, to implementing an action plan, to maintaining momentum. Some basic material is also provided on how to conduct a community assessment and strategies for monitoring and evaluating the process. Contacts: David Civittolo; Brian Raison

Extension Fact Sheets - Building Coalitions