Seek Excellence - Leadership Development

Seek Excellence

seek (verb): to look for or discover

excellence (noun): the quality of being excellent or very good

Discover the best in you. Seek excellence.

Understanding and Navigating Change

A workshop for team or group leaders, supervisors, managers, or other leaders

  • Understand the phases of change, and learn strategies to navigate these
  • Identify causes of stress during times of change
  • Learn about the dynamics that impact change
  • Learn strategies to manage individual responses to change

Facilitator Training

A workshop for groups, teams, or leaders

  • Learn the skills needed to become an effective group facilitator
  • Discover strategies to help guide group discussions and facilitate decision-making
  • Gain skills to work more effectively with group dynamics

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – Personality Style

A workshop for groups, teams, or leaders

  • Utilize the MBTI to gain a better understanding of your personality style
  • Identify the styles of coworkers, family, friends
  • Improve relationships and communicate more effectively

Strengths Finder™

A workshop for groups, teams, or leaders

  • Identify and understand your strengths
  • Build team effectiveness by understanding the strengths of others
  • Use your talents to improve team activities and impacts

Team Building

A workshop for groups, teams, or leaders

  • Assess the functional health of your team
  • Learn about the traits and behaviors of a healthy, effective team
  • Learn strategies to overcome typical team dysfunctions
  • Learn simple strategies to improve team effectiveness (and enjoyment!)