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Your Partners for Innovation and Impact

As your partner with The Ohio State University, Alber Enterprise Center is ready to take your organization to a higher level through customized, impact-driven solutions to your challenges.  Whether it’s coaching, consulting or training – or a combination of all three – the Center will help you improve your business performance to achieve the outcomes you need. Our goal is to become a genuine partner with you, and to work with you to transform your organization using trusted tools and resources.


Alber Enterprise Center 

Alber Enterprise Center
Creating Innovation & Impact

Ohio businesses wanting to improve their bottom line and keep their competitive edge seek the experts at Alber Enterprise Center, an innovative, problem-solving leader that delivers business transformation and operational excellence across multiple industry sectors.

One thing that sets us apart is the reinforcement Alber offers. Research shows that most material is forgotten within days after the training. Our Center uses trackable, web-based reinforcement tools to measure changes so that you can determine program effectiveness and impact.  With integrity, honesty and passion, the Alber team provides unparalleled personalized attention to help Ohio businesses flourish.

The Bridge
Named an OSU Extension Signature Program in 2017, the BRIDGE is about issue management. It’s a six-step process for solving complex issues that will bring clarity, engage all stakeholders, and give you a tangible road map to design a comprehensive solution within a short timeframe.  For more details, click here.


Gallup Certified Anne Johnson, Gallup Certified Strength Coach
Gallup’s CliftonStrengths® is a unique combination of talents, knowledge and skills used to help individuals in professional and personal development, working within teams, and life, in general. People who focus on their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs. Alber Enterprise Center has one Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Anne Johnson. Learn more
Elder Care Certificate 
Elder Care Certificate

Anyone who cares for or interacts with older adults will find the Elder Care Certificate (ECC) Program a wealth of information about issues facing our aging population. The Center partnered with 4 long-term care organizations to launch a successful pilot program in 2017, culminating in a recognition ceremony for ECC participants. This program will transform the way participants work with elders and enhance their status as caring individuals. For educators, facilitators and licensed teachers, ask about our new Train the Trainer program. Contact Us.


 “(Our) greatest strength is people, which is why we place a big emphasis on ensuring they have the educational opportunities they need to grow personally and professionally.” 
–Alber Enterprise Center Client