Leadership Development Programs

Alber Enterprise Center
Whether it’s consulting, coaching or training, the Alber Enterprise Center is the one-stop source to help Ohio businesses achieve long-term, sustainable growth. Seasoned Alber organization development consultants provide customized, impact-driven solutions that support economic revitalization and expansion throughout the Buckeye State. Outcomes achieved include increased sales and productivity, streamlined operations, improved employee morale, reduced turnover, tangible and intangible cost savings, and innovative culture growth. Click on the program title for more information. Contact: Myra Wilson

This workshop is designed for group or team leaders, supervisors/managers, or others in a position of leadership. Regardless of what some may say, change can be difficult. Leaders carry the additional burden of helping their team members or employees to effectively navigate the process of change. Participants will learn strategies to communicate understanding, manage stress, and develop an action plan to effectively help the team/group move forward during times of change and transition. Click on the program title to learn more. Contacts: Becky Nesbitt

Communicating with Citizens
This program focuses on the importance of effective communications with citizens. Participants will learn the importance of a productive relationship with citizens and why it is the responsibility of those holding public office or a leadership position of any type to build and nurture this relationship. Participants will learn techniques to help ensure that there is open communication between those in a position of leadership and citizens, how to include citizens in the decision-making processes of an organization, and how to deal with difficult people. Contact: David Civittolo

Conducting Effective Meetings
Participants will learn the duties of officers and membership, how to compose an agenda, the importance of welcoming surroundings, techniques that encourage attendance and productive participation, requirements of a public meeting and the difference between a public meeting and public hearing. While the focus in on how public agencies should conduct meetings, this program is also helpful for any type of organization. Contact: David Civittolo

Facilitator Training
This is a workshop developed for groups, teams, or leaders to assist with learning the skills needed to become an effective group facilitator.  Participants will discover strategies to help guide group discussions, facilitate decision-making, and gain skills to work more effectively with group dynamics. Click on the program title to learn more. Contact: Becky Nesbitt

Local Government Leadership
The six-week program is for individuals serving in or running for public office who wish to enhance their decision-making and leadership skills. It also encourages dialogue between the many government entities in a county or region. Topics include utilizing strengths, working with local media, regional cooperation, and jobs. Contacts: David Civittolo; Joe Lucente

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Personality Styles
This workshop utilizes the MBTI to help groups, teams, or leaders gain a better understanding of individual personality style. Participants will learn strategies to more effectively work with coworkers, family, and friends to improve relationships and communication. Click on the program title to learn more. Contacts: Becky Nesbitt

This is a workshop for groups, teams, or leaders.  The StrengthsFinder™ assessment will enable participants to identify and understand individual strengths to build team effectiveness.  By understanding the strengths of others, each participant will discover ways to use his/her talents to improve team activities and impacts. Click on the program title to learn more. Contacts: Becky Nesbitt

Team Building
This workshop is designed for groups, teams, or leaders.  Participants will use simple strategies to make team activities more effective in an effort to improve productivity, morale, and enjoyment.  Participants will learn the five stages of team development to understand ways to continue to grow the team’s effectiveness. Click on the program title to learn more. Contacts: Becky Nesbitt