Nature-based Tourism

Nature-Based Tourism

Nature-based tourism is a broad category for a number of different tourism experiences, including birdwatching, stargazing, biking, scuba diving, fishing, camping, hiking, and more. What do all these activities have in common? They're all directly or indirectly dependent on the natural environment.

What is a Nature Tourist?

Learn about nature-based tourism through this video with Melinda Huntley, Tourism Program Director at OSU Sea Grant. Click here to view.

  • Who is a Nature-Based Traveler?
  • All Birders (Botanists, Bee-Seekers, etc) are not the Same: Differentiating Nature-Based Tourists
  • Birdwatchers: Focusing on their Potential and Needs
  • Understanding the Nature-Based Tourism Market in Ohio
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Assessing Your Potential
  • Start with Your Resources: Accessing the Potential of Nature-Based Tourism in Your Community
  • The Demand for Nature-Based Tourism
  • Creating Year-Round Tourism Potential in Your Community
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Creating a Nature-Based Experience

General Tips:

For Private Landowners and Business Owners

For Resource Managers

For Tourism Industry

Protecting the Resources While Creating a Nature-Based Experience
Promoting the Nature-Based Experience
Evaluating Your Nature-Based Experience

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Tools for Community Leaders and Investors