Retailers and Other Entrepreneurs

Retailers & Other Entrepreneurs

The tourism industry continued to expand in 2007 with 5% growth in visitor spending. This follows strong growth in each of the last two years and reflects significant contributions from retail trade sales. Tourism in Ohio also generated $2.5 billion in state and local taxes in 2007. See the Ohio Travel Association's Tourism Creates Jobs web site to learn more.

Ohio tourism has continued to grow throughout the years because of many businesses and organizations working together to attract visitors and provide exceptional experiences for day trip and overnight travelers. The sections on the "Industry Resources" portion of the Ohio Tourism Toolbox provide resources for many different professionals that come together to make Ohio tourism one of the largest industries in the state. While each section focuses on a specific group of professionals, much can be learned from seeing the industry from various points of view.

How to Grow Retail Sales
  • Offer merchandise that is unique to the area and the tourists who visit the area
  • Make the shopping experience easy
  • Be open when people want to visit. Set hours of operation in relation to the area attractions
  • Offer an authentic atmosphere that appeals to the senses of sight, smell, and sound
  • Recognize that local residents also enjoy shopping like a tourist
Resources for Retailers

Business Operations/Trends
Industry Financial Ratios
Market Analysis - Tourism & Retail Development
National Retail Federation
Retail Merchants Association
Tourism and Retail Development, Attracting Tourists to Local Business

(A 73- page guidebook from University of Wisconsin Extension, Center for Community Economic Development)