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Ohio Restaurants & Wineries

Restaurants and wineries make a significant contribution to Ohio's tourism industry. Restaurants in Ohio add $16 billion to the state economy, and 553,000 more jobs. Every $1 spent in restaurants in Ohio generates an additional $1.37 in sales for other industries in the state. Each additional $1 million spent in dining establishments in Ohio generates an additional 45.7 jobs in the state.

Ohio tourism has continued to grow throughout the years because of many businesses and organizations working together to attract visitors and provide exceptional experiences for day trip and overnight travelers. The sections on the "Industry Resources" portion of the Ohio Tourism Toolbox provide resources for many different professionals that come together to make Ohio tourism one of the largest industries in the state. While each section focuses on a specific group of professionals, much can be learned from seeing the industry from various points of view.

Other topics of particular interest for restaurants and wineries on the Ohio Tourism Toolbox are Culinary Tourism and Hospitality. Foodservice is the 2nd largest private sector employer in Ohio, generating more than one-half billion dollars in sales taxes in 2008.

Resources for Promoting Ohio's Homegrown and Homemade Foods

Local and regional foods continue to grow in popularity. Locating sources of local food and beverages is easier than ever, thanks to a growing list of resources that includes:

Ohio MarketMaker
Ohio Proud Program
Our Ohio

Resources for Restaurant Owners, Managers & Chefs

Ohio Restaurant Association
National Restaurant Association
Restaurant Market Analysis
The Restaurant Report
Restaurant Hospitality
Food Marketing Institute
Food Online
Nation's Restaurant News
Ohio Magazine Restaurant Locations

Resources for Wineries

Ohio Grape Industries Committee (OGIC)
Ohio Wine Producers Association (OWPA)
Ohio Winery Starter Kit (OWPA)

The following are fact sheets and guides for starting a winery in other states. Please remember that Ohio's laws may be different. These resources, however, provide a good starting point for knowing what to consider when starting this type of business. Additional information and resources can be found on the "Start, Grow and Finance a Business in Ohio " page of the Ohio Tourism Toolbox.

Agriculture Marketing Research Center (AgMRC) Wine Industry Links
Economics of a Small Premium Winery

Resources for Educators & Researchers