Attractions are the reason people visit a particular area. The more unique attractions a community or business offers, the longer the visitors will stay, and usually the more visitors will spend.

Primary and secondary attractions include:
  • Natural and Scenic Areas
  • Recreational Activities
  • Historical & Cultural Resources (including the Arts)
  • Built Attractions (museums, amusement parks, zoos, theme resorts)
  • Business & Industry (unique shopping and dining experiences, corporations, convention centers, medical facilities, government agencies, etc.)
  • Special Events
  • Unique Transportation Modes and Other Services
  • Family & Friends (Rishardson, S. 1991; Messer, C. 2004)
  1. Be distinct - visitors like unique experiences.
  2. Work with others to create unique packages that attract visitors and make it easy for them to spend many days in your area.
  3. Promote your attraction through the Ohio Tourism Division.

Ohio tourism has continued to grow throughout the years because of many businesses and organizations working together to attract visitors and provide exceptional experiences for day trip and overnight travelers. The sections on the "Industry Resources" portion of the Ohio Tourism Toolbox provide resources for many different professionals that come together to make Ohio tourism one of the largest industries in the state. While each section focuses on a specific group of professionals, much can be learned from seeing the industry from various points of view.

Resources for Industry Professionals