Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Ohio Tourism Toolbox and why was it created?

Answer: The Ohio Tourism Toolbox was launched during Ohio Tourism Month (May, 2009), as a one-stop resource for industry professionals and community leaders. It was created to help drive economic development in Ohio by:

  1. Creating better connection among tourism professionals in all sectors of the industry
  2. Delivering easy-to-access educational resources for industry professionals, community leaders
  3. Strengthening the network among educators and researchers supporting the tourism industry, as well as their connections with industry professionals
  4. Enhancing existing resources provided by Ohio's leading tourism organizations, such as:

Question: How was the Ohio Tourism Toolbox created and who manages it?

Answer: The Ohio Tourism Toolbox was created through the Ohio Tourism Partnership for Economic Development. Key partners include Ohio State University Extension, the Ohio Department of Development Tourism Division, and Ohio Sea Grant College Program. Additional collaborators include a growing list of Ohio Tourism Team members representing other Ohio organizations, regional groups, and universities such as Ohio University & Bowling Green State University. The site is maintained and managed by the Ohio Tourism Team, with leadership, administrative support, and technology support from the Ohio State University. This project was made possible by funding (has been supported) through OSU Extension Community Development, the Ohio Department of Development Tourism Division, and OSU CARES - an initiative of Ohio State University Extension and The Ohio State University to expand faculty, staff and student partnerships with communities throughout Ohio.

Question: How can others get more involved with the Ohio Tourism Toolbox?

Answer: There is plenty of opportunity for others to get involved with the Toolbox. For example, people can:

  1. Contribute news or coordinate podcast recordings
  2. Suggest resource links, new topics of interest, and other content additions
  3. Add this link to your industry website, distribute Toolbox promotional materials at your industry event, write an article about the Toolbox in your industry publication, or schedule a Toolbox demo for members of your industry organization
  4. Work with your organization to become a sponsor of the Ohio Tourism Toolbox to help further develop and sustain this industry resource.

Simply contact Nancy Bowen for further details on how you can help make the most of the Ohio Tourism Toolbox.