2021 Extension Area Economic Overview Reports

OSU Extension's IMPLAN User Team is interested in sharing timely economic reports with Area Leaders and other County staff on county or regional economies. IMPLAN is an economic input-output tool licensed by the CD unit that offers unique data sets for counties and regions in Ohio. The reports will be updated annually or as needed to include relevant economic data and impacts related to demographics, industries, occupations, and the environment. The first output is a report that accesses newly released data (2018 and 2019) to provide insight on unique regional industry and occupational strengths.

The following economic overview reports were prepared in September 2021:

Reports can help answer many questions . . .

  • What is the economic impact of a new industry or expansion of existing industry?
    • Which other industries are most affected?
  • What is the contribution of an existing industry sector, i.e., agriculture, on the overall economy?
  • How significant is an industry or occupation in the economy relative to the nation? 
  • How does a gain or loss of jobs contribute to, or take away from, the local economy?
    • Does the change displace jobs in other industries?

For a better understanding of the contents of these reports, click here to view the presentation to area leaders in August 2021.

IMPLAN User Team Members