BRE Scope of Services and Cost

Scope of Services

The Starting Right Package includes the following:

  1. Project planning meeting/WebEx
  2. Delivery of three workshops over a 1½ day period (one full day and one half day)
    1. Coordinator’s Workshop
    2. Task Force Workshop
    3. Data Analysis and Reporting Strategies Workshop
  3. Survey Gold software and training (included in the Coordinator’s Workshop)
    1. Survey Gold is data entry and analysis software
  4. Develop customized survey instrument (included in the Task Force Workshop)
  5. Direct unlimited communications access to two Extension staff for project period
  6. Project assessment meeting/WebEx, action plan review, and development of draft final report for use by the local representative in reporting out to the community
  • Project needs assessment and program of work

Extension staff will consult with the local representatives to establish a plan of work to include project timeline, identify key inputs (including people who will be involved), outputs, and final expectations of the project.

  • Delivery of workshops

Extension staff will schedule with the local representatives a day and a half block of time for delivery of three key workshops by Extension staff to train the local representatives and the Task Force. A deliverable includes the development of a customized survey instrument. The local representatives will also receive the Survey Gold software and will be trained how to use the software during the Coordinator's Workshop. A third workshop will cover the analysis, interpretation, and reporting strategies of the data entered into Survey Gold and how to make use of the data.

  • Project assessment, action plan review, and final draft report

Extension staff will facilitate a final meeting to review the project and action plan as a result of the visits and develop a final draft report. Throughout the project period, Extension staff will be available for questions or assistance as needed by the local representatives.

Project Cost

The project is $2,500, inclusive of all services outlined above. This amount includes Extension staff travel, training materials, and a one-year multi-user license of the Survey Gold software, which is renewable annually.

Additional Items

The Starting Right Package does not include the following additional items. Although Extension staff recommends that these items be conducted locally, they may be included at the discretion of the client.

  • Survey distribution (100 mailed surveys with return envelopes)
  • Company visits (20 visits), not including travel
  • Data entry (100 surveys)
  • Develop the final report (See sample below)
  • Present report findings (per presentation)
Click on the image for an example
of a final community report.