BRE Frequently Asked Questions

At what geographical level may a BRE program be conducted?

The BRE Program can be conducted on any geographical level, whether rural township, village, city, county, or region. Recent efforts have involved an eight-county region in eastern Ohio and suburbs of urban counties. A large metro central city neighborhood program is currently underway. The BRE Program can be applied in a wide variety of settings or circumstances. Contact the program coordinators for a consultation on how the program can be customized to meet your needs.

Who can initiate a BRE program?

While the BRE program can be initiated by local governments, it can also be initiated by:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Downtown Development Organizations
  • Regional Planning Organizations

What kind of survey tools are available?

The survey tools have been designed for cross sectoral and/or any sector, including industrial, retail, health care, agriculture, and tourism. Also available are surveys and analysis of business customers and consumers. In addition, the program offers customized surveys for communities that are interested in specific issues or segments, such as the local workforce or the linkages among businesses, their customers, and suppliers. Communities may also implement a sector-specific BR&E concurrently with a complementary study such as a Retail Market Analysis, economic impact analysis, or strategic land use planning. Contact the program coordinators for questions about how the surveys can meet your needs.

What does it cost to implement the program?

The Ohio BRE Program offers a Starting Right Package for $5,000, which provides all the necessary tools, training, and resources for a successful program outcome. We can also customize the package to meet your specific needs. For more details on scope of services and cost, click here.

Do past participants recommend the BRE Program?

A survey revealed that eighty-four percent of the local leaders and fifty-six percent of business respondents said they would recommend membership in the BR&E program. One past program participant stated, "The BRE program involves citizens of the community, and hence, becomes an educational as well as a development tool and benefits more of the average citizenry than any other program I have seen in my 37 years in [this community]." For references and success stories, click here.

Will the BRE Program staff meet with us if we have additional questions?

Of course! We will visit with your community to discuss the program in more detail and learn more about your needs to help you decide if this program is for you. Local representatives can contact  Extension staff by telephone or e-mail, or we will come visit you. We encourage interested persons to contact individuals that have been involved in a BRE program in the past.

For more information, contact Nancy Bowen or David Civittolo.