BroadbandOhio Accelerator Project


The BroadbandOhio Community Accelerator will be a collaborative effort by BroadbandOhio, Ohio State University Extension, Heartland Forward, and Benton Institute for Broadband & Society to help local governments throughout Ohio receive expert instruction and support as they prepare to leverage new dollars that will be made available by the State, as well as through the historic passage of the federal infrastructure program.

Our Vision
To bring high-speed internet access to every Ohioan and build a best-in-class broadband network in Ohio.

BroadbandOhio Class

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Week 9 Week 10



Week 1Community Accelerator Program Orientation Week Agenda

Week 2 Agenda

Week 3 - Agenda

Week 4 -  Agenda

Week 5 - Agenda

Week 6 - 

Week 7 - 

Week 8 - 

Week 9 - 

Week 10 -


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