Educational Resources

Peer-Reviewed Bulletin:

  • Comprehensive Planning based on Sustainability: A Model for Ohio Communities. Moss, M. L., (2016).
    • This Bulletin provides an overview of methods and a process to incorporate sustainability principles into comprehensive community planning. It is intended for local leaders, public officials and citizens so that they can use these concepts in their own community planning efforts. In order for the intended audience to understand how the theory of sustainability has influenced community planning, a definition of sustainable development and the key cornerstones of this theory are summarized. Finally, useful techniques and tools to incorporate these cornerstones into planning initiatives as well as a step-by-step outline of a process that can be used by a community is presented.


The eXtension Land Use Planning Community of Practice June 27, 2012 webinar on Planning for Sustainable Communities can be accessed through the link below. The presentation was made by Myra Moss, Extension Educator, who specializes in sustainable community planning and development, energy and entrepreneurship at Ohio State University. The presentation focused on an Ohio model for community-Extension partnerships. Over the past 10 years Ohio State University has partnered with local municipalities, counties and regions to develop comprehensive and land use plans based on sustainability concepts. The webinar also discussed the following:

  • The cornerstones of sustainability and how they can be incorporated into community planning
  • Methods to engage citizens in the development of a shared vision that will guide planning efforts
  • Extension’s role and how this can benefit community sustainable planning efforts
  • Case studies and results from Ohio, highlighting lessons learned

This one-hour webinar can be accessed through the following link: 

The eXtension Land Use Planning Community of Practice June 27, 2012 Webinar