Local Government Tool Box

Local Government Tool Box

Just as building a house, church, or boat requires manpower, materials, a plan, and tools; so too, are these items needed for building communities. The Local Government Tool Box aims to put many of the commonly used (and a few of the not so common) tools used by local communities in one place. After all, what is worse than not being able to find that one tool you need when you really need it?

A really good tool box has every tool you need, and it is organized so you can find what you are looking for when you need it. We are working to make this Local Government Tool Box that way, continually adding new tools and keeping it organized.

For more information, contact David Civittolo or Nancy Bowen

Economic Development Tools

Land Use Tools


  • OSU Extension Fact Sheet: Township Zoning Enforcement Officer: Role, Responsibilities, and Tools to Succeed (CDFS-1281)