Community Planning Programs

Community-based Watershed Protection

OSU Extension educators provide assistance with engaging key stakeholders and citizens in protecting Ohio's greatest natural resource - our rivers, streams, and lakes. We assist with building partnerships, facilitating watershed planning, and the development of educational and volunteer programs to engage and inform the public. For more information, go to:

Local Government Tool Box
Tools for economic development and land use planning. Click on the program title for more information. Contact: Nancy Bowen; David Civittolo

Sustainable Development Initiative
The Sustainable Development Initiative provides educational resources, research results, and land use, economic development, and community planning models based on cornerstones of sustainability. Plans designed and facilitated by OSU Extension CD staff since 2000 are included as examples. Click on the program title for more information. Contact: Myra Moss

Sustainable Entrepreneurship
This online program and its resources are designed to train local leaders in the tools and techniques necessary to create and nurture an entrepreneur-friendly community. Class sessions are workshop-based around key components that high growth entrepreneurs seek in a community. Click on the program title for more information. Contact: Myra Moss; Nancy Bowen

Understanding Subdivision Regulations
This program discusses the basics of subdivision regulations and provides an update about new enabling legislation in Ohio. Participants will learn the purpose of subdivision regulations, relevant Ohio Revised Code sections, and the implications of the expanded authority of regional planning in governing lot splits. Contact: David Civittolo

This program focuses on using community visioning as the start of a strategic planning process. Participants will learn what is meant by visioning and how it fits into a larger planning process. Participants will also learn the components of a vision statement and how to compose a meaningful vision statement. Participants will learn how other communities have used the power of their vision to transform their communities. Contact: David Civittolo