Kenzie Johnston

Kenzie Johnston
Kenzie Johnston
County Extension Educator, CD/ANR (Delaware County)
OSU Extension - Delaware County, 149 North Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015
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BS in Agricultural Communication, The Ohio State University
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eFields Report (January 2019) 

Visual media publications 


Forage Files
(eFields Report page 170,171)

Phosphorus Rate (eFields Report page 84,85)

Nitrogen Source (eFields Report page 58,59)

Starter Fertilizer (eFields Report page 82,83)

Nitrogen Timing (eFields Report page 62,63)

Soybean Guys (eFields Report page 146,147) 

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Forage Files

Phosphorus Rate

Nitrogen Source

Starter Fertilizer

Nitrogen Timing

Soybean Guys


Small business marketing and social media engagement are my super powers. I enjoy educating the community on how to market their business. Video engagement through social media is one of the best ways to draw consumers into the market. I create videos to educate the communities I serve; such as the agricultural community, as well as my local Delaware County community. The videos demonstrate how Extension fulfills community needs through engaging and entertaining content.

By creating videos I am able to showcase the relationships and partnerships that Ohio State University Extension has with key stakeholders and citizens throughout the local and state levels. Digital outreach education has been proven to be more effective than traditional teaching alone. By finding new ways to reach our intended target audience, clientele have the opportunity to explore science-based knowledge.