CD Weekly Wire - February 10, 2014

Mission Statement:

Ohio State University Extension Community Development
helps communities
enhance their well-being.

AD Update:

Improvement via Evaluation and Documentation Tools

Like previous weeks, this AD Update will examine a few more of the 20 specific action steps that will help us turn our Strategic Plan into action. Let’s look more closely at items 9-11; assessing our impact and reporting those results. To start your week with a little fun, try your knowledge against the following TRUE or FALSE statements:

  1. I am evaluating my teaching when I use the EEET.
  2. PD&E can help me improve my program evaluation skills.
  3. What I put into RiV informs the Extension Federal Report to USDA.

No tricks here; each of these statements is TRUE, and you probably found them a little too easy. But, did you know that while the EEET can be used to evaluate the quality of your teaching, it really doesn’t assess the impact of your teaching. It definitely doesn’t assess program impact. No matter our title or experience, our goal is to become more effective teachers. As such, we need to seek feedback to help us improve. The group EEET and Peer Letters of Evaluation are two formal ways of gaining this feedback. We can also welcome informal feedback from colleagues and offer to share our feedback with them as well.

And true, PD&E has expertise in the full range of program development and assessment techniques and tools. They will work with individuals, committees, teams, etc. If you prefer a different approach, consider the SAMMIE. SAMMIE is a comprehensive collection of program evaluation-related resources you can access from your computer. Another option is to scan JOE for Extension program evaluation ideas and to learn who you might want to contact to learn more.
Finally, while it is true that our Federal Report to USDA is populated with data harvested from what we enter into RiV, only what we enter as Extension Programs and Events found under RiV’s Non-Dossier Items goes in this report. So, it is of critical importance that we are reporting the full range of our activities and accomplishments and doing so in the right places. Further, RiV is a tool available to everyone (faculty, staff, students, administrators, etc.). RiV use is required for anyone with any portion of their salary paid with Extension funds. Whether you are just getting started or need some tips, PD&E has posted some RiV basics that may help. Another little known feature of RiV is the ‘search’ function that enables you to identify colleagues with similar interests (or by any search term you chose). What a great way to line up potential new collaborators.

How are you using the tools available to evaluate, report and identify ways to improve your teaching and the programs you offer? How can we get better in these areas?

Extension Strategic Plan – Action List

  1. Understand full range of Extension in Ohio
  2. Learn program needs
  3. Prioritize programs, efforts, and audiences
  4. Inventory e-Learning modules
  5. Create e-Learning modules (10% increase annually)
  6. Align applied research with Discovery Themes
  7. Increase creative and scholarly outputs of a collaborative nature
  8. Engage in interdisciplinary/cross-program/multi-state/inter-institutional efforts
  9. Evaluate teaching (face-to-face, via distance/webinar, etc.)
  10. Create and use evaluation tools for programs
  11. Document efforts via RiV
  12. Communicate impact via various media (e.g., micro-blog, blog, webpage, etc.)
  13. Use social media to extend reach
  14. Track reach of social media
  15. Increase extramural funding by 5% (annually)
  16. Increase contributions to CD endowment/development account by 5% (annually)
  17. Create and implement comprehensive marketing plan
  18. Focus on improving core competencies
  19. Participate in a diversity training (annually)
  20. Implement OSUE coaching and mentoring protocols

Respond to Nametag Survey by February 20

Today you should have received an e-mail from Cheryl Buck with a personalized survey link to use to indicate if you do or do not want to receive a new nametag. You will also be asked to confirm the first and last name used on the nametag. Responses will be due by February 20. Non-respondents will not receive a nametag purchased by OSUE. The nametags should be delivered to administration by mid-March. They will then be delivered to you as soon as possible. For more information on the nametags, click here.

Promotion for Faculty and Educators - Submit Requests by March 3

Extension faculty seeking a promotion to associate or full professor, educators requesting transfer to the tenure track and educators seeking a promotion (level II and above) must submit a letter requesting promotion and/or transfer to Ken Martin (.1540), department chair no later than March 3. Refer to the 2014-2015 Faculty Guide to Promotion and Tenure or the 2014-2015 A & P Guide to Promotion at Per the guidelines, faculty and educators shall also provide a Research in View dossier report for review by the faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee or the A & P Promotion Committee in the spring. The committees will review promotion requests and determine if it is appropriate for the fall review to take place.



Leadership Ohio – Applications Due by March 18:

For those interested in broadening their network within Ohio and learning more about the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the state may want to consider applying for Leadership Ohio. The program meets at locations throughout the state on the following dates: April 25-26, May 15-16, June 13-14, July 18-19, August 15-16, September 19-20, October 17-18 and November 14-15.

Extension Administration has offered to cover half of the $3,100 tuition. CD Unit funds are available to help as well. For more information, visit and download the 2014 application form and/or contact Greg Davis (

National eXtension Conference - March 24-27:

Registration is now open for the National eXtension Conference/National Extension Directors & Administrators joint meeting to be held at the Sacramento Hyatt March 24-27. Registration and hotel information can be found here. More than 90 concurrent sessions are scheduled during the conference between keynote speakers, meal events, awards and recognition, networking opportunities, a panel of “Masters” and a special capstone learning event. Extension directors, administrators, specialists, agents and educators will all benefit from the outstanding site in Sacramento as they gather for professional development, networking, team building and recognition of outstanding contributions to Cooperative Extension.

Open Doors Bias Awareness Training rescheduled for March 26:

Due to inclement weather the February 5 Open Doors session was cancelled. Open Doors Bias Awareness Training is being offered March 26 at Adventure Central in Dayton from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. There is no cost for the training but you do need to register at:

Open Doors is a 4-hour training consisting of three modules that focus on recognizing, identifying and addressing bias.

  • Module 1: What is bias and how do I interrupt it?
  • Module 2: Sharing identities and empathetic listening
  • Module 3: Working with persons in distress

This is another opportunity for you to engage and support the OSU Extension Strategic Plan, specifically metric 10 (Build capacity to more effectively address the needs of diverse audiences) and metric 8 (Foster career and professional development).

A light breakfast and lunch is being provided, compliments of the Student Life Multicultural Center.
For more information on Open Doors visit:

North Central Leadership Conference April 28-30 - Scholarships Available:

Registration is open until April 6 for the North Central Leadership Conference to be held April 28-30 in Omaha, Nebraska. The theme of the conference is “Next Generation Leadership: Pathways Towards Our Future.” North Central region Extension professionals have the opportunity to refine their leadership skills, share best practices and build networks with our colleagues. OSU Extension professionals are encouraged to attend the conference. The conference will be hosted by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, and sponsorship is being provided by the North Central Cooperative Extension Association (NCCEA). Schedule, registration and hotel information are posted online at:

OSU Extension is pleased to be able to offer ten $500 scholarships to support OSU Extension professionals' participation in the conference. The Gist Chair in Extension Education and Leadership is sponsoring five of the scholarships for any OSU Extension employee, and the Ohio Joint Council of Extension Professionals/Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi is sponsoring five of the scholarships for any Ohio JCEP/ESP member. The scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. As soon as the ten scholarships have been awarded to attendees, the OSUE system will be notified that the scholarships are no longer available.

Process – register for the conference online using your own chart field, and the scholarship funding will be transferred by the Business Office after you have attended the conference and submitted your expense report for the conference. When you register for the conference, also send an e-mail to Amy Fovargue ( with your chartfield information and T number (if available), so that the number of scholarships being used can be tracked. Please mention “North Central Leadership Conference” in the subject of your e-mail.

Action Leadership Retreat - May 13-14 or November 4-5:

The Action Leadership Retreat (ALR) will be offered May 13-14 and November 4-5. Space is limited to seven participants at each event. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Designed for Extension educators (or others with similar responsibilities) with 18 months to three years of experience, the Action Leadership Retreat is a professional development opportunity built around simulated on-the-job experiences. Led by a facilitator and two experienced Extension professionals who are trained as observers, ALR is designed to help you evaluate and reflect on your skills in twelve key areas (e.g., conflict management, communication and interpersonal skills) important for success as an Extension professional.

For additional information and to register, click here. For questions or additional information please contact Kayla Oberstadt (, Graduate Research Associate, or Graham Cochran (, Extension Human Resources.

CarmenConnect Office Hours to be held on First Mondays:

Many of you are successfully using CarmenConnect for meetings and educational programming while others are experiencing some frustrations using the service. Join Ken Kulka the first Monday of each month from 2 to 3:30 p.m. in his CarmenConnect room (VoIP only; Login as Guest).

  • Ask a question about CarmenConnect
  • Give a tip that you might know about
  • Just listen in to see if there are some helpful hints that you can use



Discovery Themes Request for Proposals Information Sessions Scheduled:

The second Discovery Themes Request for Proposals will be released on or about Thursday, February 20. In anticipation of that release, the following information sessions for faculty have been scheduled for Hale Hall (154 W. 12th Avenue):

  • Monday, February 24, 11 a.m.-noon, room 110B
  • Wednesday, February 26, 2-3 p.m., room 110B
  • Tuesday, March 18, 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m., room 110A
  • Thursday, March 20, 4-5 p.m., room 110B

The sessions will also be broadcast to the OSU community via CarmenConnect. Read more at: The next three initiatives are discussed here.



Your Input is needed for Video Creation Workshop:

A video creation workshop is being planned, and the education technology specialists would like to have your feedback. Have you done video before? What kind of things are you most curious about? How can videos help you in your position? Leave a comment on the EdgeU Tech blog or feel free to email Heather Gottke ( The blog also provides more information about the proposed workshop.

STAR Lab offers Analyses to Enhance Research Projects:

STAR Lab is entering its 15th year of providing OSU researchers and collaborators with the analysis of agricultural and environmental samples. If interested in having research samples analyzed, visit their webpage at:, where you will find a complete list of analyses provided, a “Sample Analysis Request Form” and fee schedule. Use the fee schedule to estimate future analysis costs for current projects or for future proposals you may be considering.

STAR Lab uses many generally accepted chemical analysis procedures and techniques to analyze a variety of different sample materials including soils, plant tissues, animal tissue, composts and water samples. Their main focus is on the elemental analysis of samples for mineral and nutrient content. They offer complete digestions and elemental analysis of samples with an Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer. They analyze anions by either Ion Chromatography or Flow Injection Analysis and also analyze for Total Carbon and Nitrogen with a combustion analyzer. The mercury analyzer is capable of sub part per trillion determinations in water samples.

Faculty Judges sought for Denman Forum - March 26:

The Undergraduate Research Office is seeking 500 faculty from all disciplines to serve as judges for the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum on Wednesday, March 26, at the RPAC. The time commitment for judges is noon to 2:30 p.m., with check-in prior to judging. To register as a judge, go to:

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