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This page is for the use of OSUE Community Development professionals. It contains the CD Wire and other internal forms, publications, references and issues relating only to CD staff.

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CD Professional Development Support:

  •  Professional Development Support Guidelines/Application

    • Purpose: To provide incentive and financial support for current Extension CD Professionals pursuing professional development activities.

    • Funding: Maximum funding award per individual is $750. Funds will be awarded in March and October contingent on availability of funding. Only one award per individual per year is permitted. Preference will be given to applicants who have not received funding from the CD Professional Development Support Program in the previous two years. Funds must be spent within 12 months of receiving award.

    • Procedures: Submit applications by March 1 for the spring awards and by October 1 for the fall awards using the form linked above. Applicants are encouraged to pursue all other available funding when appropriate (e.g., local office budget, local sponsorship, OJCEP scholarship awards, etc.). The Assistant Director will review applications and make final determination of scholarship award recipients and scholarship amounts.

CD Small Grants:

CFAES Grants and Contracts Information:

  • Grants and Contracts main page (includes Budget Development, Contract Submission Process and Funding Opportunities)
  • Contract templates (includes MoUs)

CD In-service Presentations:

Summer 2016:

Spring 2016:

CD Summer In-Service Photo Album - June 27, 2012 at Put-In-Bay and Stone Lab on Gibraltar Island (link takes you to the CD Facebook Chat page)

CD Wire:

Membership Associations:

Cross State Programming Protocol:

Annual Community Development Awards:

For complete award details and previous recipients please, click here.

  • Raymond A. Schindler Excellence in Community Development Extension Award
    • Call for Nominations - Due November 1 (Current year application will be posted by June 1)
    • Recipients:
      • 2017 - Becky Nesbitt
      • 2016 - Eric Romich
      • 2015 - Brian Raison
      • 2014 - Nancy Bowen
      • 2013 - David Civittolo
      • 2012 - Myra Moss
  • Friend of OSU Extension Community Development Award

Extension Organization Culture Assessment:

Extension Organization Culture Assessment Overview and CD Assessment Report

Program Action - Logic Models:

OSU and CFAES Brand Standards:

Peer Review Procedure:

  • Department of Extension Peer Evaluation of Teaching for Faculty
    • For A & P Employees: Effective January 2011, A&P Educators are required to follow the Peer Evaluation of Teaching for Faculty guidelines (link above) and obtain 1-2 narrative letters of evaluation each year.  An Educator or specialist of higher rank should be asked by the A & P Educator to write the peer evaluation letter.

Submitting Extension Educational Materials for Publication:

  • Peer Review of Educational Materials
    When feasible, peer review of educational materials is highly encouraged. In some cases, a formal blind review is required. To learn more, please refer to the most current guidance within the Extension Policy and Procedures Handbook at extension.osu.edu/policy-and-procedures-handbook/i-administration-policies/review-process-osu-extension-educational.
  • When submitting reviewer names, please include 4 internal and 2 external (Extension faculty member or qualified subject matter expert from outside Ohio). Two internal and one external will be contacted for the blind peer review.

CD Annual Highlights:

CD Field Specialists

  • Nancy Bowen - Associate Professor & Extension Field Specialist, Community Economics
  • David Civittolo - Associate Professor & Extension Field Specialist, Community Economics
  • Brian Raison - Assistant Professor & Extension Field Specialist, Community and Organizational Leadership
  • Eric Romich - Assistant Professor & Extension Field Specialist, Energy Development

Social Media:

Useful Links:

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
CFAES Crisis Communications Plan
EdgeU Tech Blog - Educational Technology Specialists' blog
CFAES Human Resources
CFAES Finance - Business Operations Center
Extension Policies and Procedures Handbook - Promotion and Tenure

Find an OfficeHeadwaters Economics Socio-economic Profiles
Journal of Extension
NARDeP Center Policy Resources
Ohio Economic Development Manual - better understand the legal landscape of economic development in Ohio
US Census Bureau – Census Explorer - New interactive map that gives users easier access to neighborhood-level statistics using updated statistics from the 2008-2012 American Community Survey (ACS).

Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities:

Digital Union Workshops

eXtension Learn

NCRCRD (upcoming & recorded) - Webinars / Take Out Menu Webinars

OSU Leadership Center

OSU Office of Human Resources Training & Development