Workforce Health Advanced by STEM Programming, Body and Mind Workout Challenges: 4-H PhysBot Fitness and International Strategic Board Games

Dec. 27, 2018
PhysBot Wearable Tech

Technology is changing the American workforce and workplace. The workforce is becoming more diverse, demanding multidisciplinary job skills, necessitating continuous learning, higher levels of collaborative work, and greater reliance on technology. The organization of work is adapting and promoting towards a highly educated workforce whose work products are complex problem solving and solution driven rather than traditional service delivery or product manufacturing. With these changes, workers are experiencing greater psychological demands in addition to demands for higher levels of productivity.[i] To combat these dueling demands, Extension programming is focusing on a healthy body and mind working together; the two systems work and support each other’s success.

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Meghan Thoreau Meghan Thoreau, educator, community development (CD), OSU Extension-Pickaway County.