Three New Community Development Fact Sheets Published on Ohioline

Oct. 24, 2019
"Rural Transportation Programs and Their Benefits" Image

Recently, three Ohio State University Extension community development fact sheets have been published on Ohioline.

Gwynn Stewart, educator, community development (CD), Ohio State University Extension-Noble County, and Godwin Apaliyah, educator, CD, OSU Extension-Fayette County, co-wrote "Rural Transportation Programs and Their Benefits." The fact sheet focuses on explaining Ohio's rural transportation, as well as the funding for these types of programs. It also addresses the important community and economic development benefits of these transportation programs.

Cynthia Bond, assistant professor and educator, CD, OSU Extension-Guernsey County, and Gwynn Stewart revised "Rural Neighbors—Living and Working Together." This fact sheet explains the upcoming differences in Ohio's rural population. It discusses how farm and nonfarm families are increasingly living and working alongside each other and the conflicts that can arise. The fact sheet concludes with more information on how to resolve these conflicts.

Nancy Bowen-Ellzey, associate professor and field specialist, community economics, CD, OSU Extension, and Gwynn Stewart revised "Port Authorities as an Economic Development Tool for Local Government." The fact sheet addresses how counties and cities can use port authorities as a tool in community and economic development to attract and retain investments to their communities. Read the fact sheet to learn more about how exactly to take advantage of port authorities and their positive impact on communities.

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