New Fact Sheet Series Informs of Economic Impacts Related to Energy Development

Aug. 11, 2016

OSU Extension has collaborated with OSU Ag Econ to provide communities with resources to help better understand how oil and gas development affects the social, economic, and environmental fabrics of a community. A recently published fact sheet series titled, “Shale Energy Development Economic Impact Analysis” is based on the original research from the project “Maximizing the Gains of Old and New Energy Development for America’s Rural Communities.” This series summarizes the research into six chronological fact sheets to inform the reader of economic impacts related to energy development.

  1. Ohio Energy Trends: Comparing Old And New Energy Development
  2. Characteristics Of A Boomtown
  3. Contributing Factors To A Boomtown Bust
  4. Developing A Model To Measure Economic Change In An Energy Economy
  5. Local Economic Development Strategies For Energy Boomtowns
  6. Community Planning Strategies For Energy Boomtowns

The fact sheet series provides a background of energy development in Ohio, investigates the structural changes to local economies experiencing oil and gas development, and provides planning strategies for community stakeholders to nurture long-term community vitality.   

For more information, visit Ohioline to review the fact sheet series or contact Eric Romich, Assistant Professor and Ohio State University Extension Field Specialists, Energy Development. 

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