New CD Fact Sheets Published

Feb. 11, 2022
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Two new OSU Extension Community Development fact sheets have been published. Click on the titles to view them on Ohioline:

The She-cession: How the Pandemic Forced Women from the Workplace and How Employers Can Respond 

Meghan Thoreau, Extension Educator, Community Development, Ohio State University Extension, Pickaway County

Our country has undergone an initial mass exodus of more than 20 million women from the workforce at the beginning of the pandemic (Chiappa 2021). While many women eventually returned to work, a huge number left their careers to fill ongoing gaps in childcare and to help with their children’s remote learning. January’s 2021 jobs reports showed that 2.5 million women ultimately exited the workforce compared to 1.8 million men (Rogers 2021). This imbalance raises several questions:

  • Whose professional time do we value most?
  • Who is dispensable?
  • How can employers support and retain women in the workplace?

This fact sheet explores answers to these questions by highlighting some of the growing inequities of working women, especially after the onset of COVID-19. It also presents actionable solutions where employers can start designing their working environments and adjusting employee policies to support women proactively and tangibly in the workplace. “Equality for women is progress for all” (Unicef 2014).


Communicating Your Organization’s Message

Kenzie Johnston, Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources/Community Development, Ohio State University Extension, Delaware County

Why are you here? What purpose do you serve? What difference do you make? Every organization should ask these key questions. It is equally important, however, for the organization’s members to be aware of answers to these questions. When every member of an organization and its stakeholders, supporters, customers, and funders understand how the organization impacts their lives and their communities, they can capitalize on opportunities to communicate its purpose and value.

Creating such an awareness requires effective communication and enables others to communicate messages efficiently and effectively (Gisler 2018), reinforcing the organization’s vision and focus, clarifying its purpose, and demonstrating relevance. The ability to effectively communicate is a valuable skill that is key to success (Impey 2020).

This fact sheet describes the benefits of communicating your organization’s message concisely and effectively.