Make It a Debate, Not an Argument

Dec. 6, 2018
Make It a Debate

Have you ever been paging through an article and stumble across a quote that just stops you in your tracks? Here’s one attributed to Adlai Stevenson that recently caught my eye. Stevenson was talking about political campaigns, but I think the idea can be applied to many situations. He said that the challenge was to not just win, but to win “without proving that you are unworthy of winning.” I think that sentiment speaks to integrity, grace, and fair-mindedness.

Recently some of my colleagues and I were at a retreat, sharing information about helping facilitators manage decision making and conflict in groups. I realized that Stevenson’s sentiment can also be applied to helping groups make decisions.

Read more about how facilitators can create an environment where sharing a diversity of ideas is viewed as an important part of the process to create stronger, more sustainable solutions.

Becky Nesbitt Becky Nesbitt is an Assistant Professor and Extension Educator in Community Development with OSU Extension.
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