Drone Racing Club Takes Off in Pickaway County

Jan. 10, 2019

Meghan Thoreau began her OSU Extension career just over a couple years ago in a new position in Pickaway County, charged with addressing “post-secondary achievement and workforce development and readiness by conducting programs to meet current and future needs related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education in Pickaway County Schools.”

Now, fast-forward to a recent Record-Courier article to read all about her efforts, drone racing, and 13 Circleville High School students who are excited about the school’s newly formed tech-sport club that will compete in the S3RA Drone Racing Scholastic League. With funding from an OSU Extension-Community Development Small Grant, Meghan was able to get the equipment needed to start the club, the first in Pickaway County to participate in the competitive league.