A Deeper Dive into Food Security

Dec. 13, 2018
Help feed families in need

It’s the holidays, and I’m sure you’ve already had a variety of requests from charities and non-profits asking you to help families in need this season. For some of us, food insecurity can seem non-existent because it is not our personal everyday experience and is often not visible. For others, it is an experience (even after overcome) that is a part of our everyday thoughts.

Food insecurity is a complex problem that is both difficult to understand and difficult to solve. The underlying causes of food insecurity include things such as poverty, unemployment or underemployment, access to healthy food, etc., all of which are often deeply interconnected.

Read Amanda Osborne's blog that reveals both quantitative and qualitative data regarding food insecurity in the U.S. and here at home in Ohio and how you can help fight hunger in your community.

Amanda Osborne Amanda Osborne is an educator for community development (CD), OSU Extension-Cuyahoga County.