13 Tips to be a Motivational Leader

Aug. 10, 2017

Feeling valued and that your work contributions make a difference are two key factors in job satisfaction. What can we do to help colleagues feel motivated about their work? With workforce an issue around the globe and employers struggling to engage star employees, here are 13 tips to be a motivational leader:

  1. Create a fair and supportive environment.
  2. Invest in your human resources!
  3. Reward them.
  4. Coach them for improvement.
  5. Make every effort to avoid shaming or embarrassing an employee when a difficult conversation is necessary.
  6. Strive for equal treatment of all employees.Be careful to follow the same process in conversations and reviews with all employees.
  7. Avoid the perception of favoritism by being observant and perceptive of how your words and actions are being interpreted.
  8. Establish a culture of respect.
  9. Communicate clearly and frequently expectations and how you measure success.
  10. Provide annual reviews and regular feedback in-between reviews so employees know where they stand.
  11. Show up and be present.
  12. Make it personal.
  13. Strive to create meaningful work.

For a more detailed explanation of each tip, as well as some interesting statistics regarding employees, read the complete article on the OSU Extension CD blog.

Kyle White is an Extension Educator, Medina County.