2018 NACDEP Conferene: "Cleveland Hyper-Local Sustainability" Mobile Learning Workshop

This tour emphasized neighborhood collaboration and sustainability efforts at a truly hyper-local scale, witnessed in the historic Cleveland neighborhood of Ohio City by visiting three local food sites that are all within one street block of each other. The Ohio City Farm, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and Mitchell’s Ice Cream have promoted neighborhood revitalization and the local foods movement through collaborative local sourcing.

Participants began their tour at the Ohio City Farm, the largest contiguous urban farm in the United States. They toured the farm while enjoying a view of the city skyline and learned about farm tenant and local non-profit Refugee Response.

They then headed over to the Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC), for a tour of the brewpub and facilities. GLBC partners with Ohio City Farm each year to grow hops that are used to produce small batch microbrews, and purchases local produce from Refugee Response. GLBC has a variety of environmental and social sustainability practices, including social panels, waste diversion, fair wages, and more.

The tour ended at Mitchell’s Ice Cream who also sources local ingredients, including beer from GLBC for special limited edition ice creams. Mitchell’s Ice Cream has incorporated sustainability into their business model as well, including a rainwater harvesting system that collects and filters gray water, which is used in Mitchell’s restrooms.