2018 NACDEP Conference: Annual Business Meeting

The annual NACDEP Business Meeting and lunch took place in the Gold Room on Monday. Incoming president David Civittolo (The Ohio State University) introduced the 2018/19 Board members:

  • Past Presdient - Trudy Rice (Kansas State University)
  • President Elect - Susan Kelly (North Caroline State University)
  • Secretary - Michael Dougherty (West Virginia University)
  • Treasurer - Nancy Bowen (The Ohio State University)
  • 1994 Representative - Yvonneda (Henry) Thompson (Chief Dull Knife College)
  • North Central Region Rep - Brian Raison (The Ohio State University)
  • 1890 Representative - Adam Hodges (West Virginia State University)
  • Southern Region Rep - Amanda Philyaw Perez (University of Arkansas)
  • Northeast Region Rep - Mary Peabody (University of Vermont)
  • Western Region Rep - Laura Ryser (Washington State University)