CD Wire - August 16, 2021

Mission Statement:
Ohio State University Extension
Community Development
helps communities enhance
their well-being.

AD Update:

-David Civittolo, Interim Assistant Director

I am looking forward to seeing everyone virtually on Thursday, beginning at 10 a.m. We will have the opportunity to learn about the Extension Publishing unit and the Learning and Organizational Development unit and how they can help us enhance our impact.

We will also have the opportunity to share our programmatic efforts with everyone. Please let me know if your schedule changes and you can no longer participate.

Raymond A. Schindler Excellence in Community Development Extension Award: Nomination Time

The Raymond A. Schindler Excellence in Community Development Extension Award nominations are due October 15. The nomination form is posted here.

Raymond A. Schindler Ray Schindler was one of the first Extension CD professionals in Ohio. Hired in 1962 as an Area Extension Agent, Ray began his career based in Hillsboro serving seven southern Ohio counties. He was then assigned the position of District Extension Specialist serving 17 Northwest Ohio counties headquartered in Fremont. He finished his career serving 16 Southeast Ohio counties based in Belle Valley, retiring in 1988. Interestingly, much of Ray’s early leadership and organization work continues on today: comprehensive planning, community facilities development, tourism and recreation, BRE, environmental quality - on a community, county and/or multi-county basis. We thank Ray for his contributions to our profession, then and now. 

The award recognizes a CD Extension professional for significant programmatic strengths, major contributions and innovative approaches achieved over the course of their Extension career with a $1500 award (pre-tax). The awardee’s accomplishments must have value beyond their assigned work location; they must document long term strengths in teaching and research; exhibit a long-standing record of teamwork and collaboration in program planning, implementation, and evaluation as well as a successful track record in grant awards, cost recovery or other external funding. The awardees must also exhibit evidence of professional development and service to the profession.

EAC Reflect. Reconnect. Refocus.

Extension Annual Conference 2021 Request for Proposals Please mark your calendars for our Extension Annual Conference, coming this December 7-9! The hope is to see everyone online as we connect with colleagues to celebrate our work and celebrate each other, while we also talk about trust and leadership as we look ahead!

The theme for this year is Reflect. Reconnect. Refocus. In 2020, we adapted to change in all aspects of our lives, due to many circumstances beyond our control. We went above and beyond to fulfill our mission and provide exceptional virtual programming, communication, and training to Ohioans throughout the state.

Fast forward to 2021. We are reflecting on the past year and moving forward together to an even better future! We are reconnecting with colleagues as we come back to our offices and with clientele as we meet again more often in person. We are refocusing on our strategic efforts and organizational values as we adjust to a new “now,” continually improving our partnerships, programs, products, processes, and support for our people!                                                                              

Please consider submitting a proposal for a presentation, poster, or Engage in 5 session. Click here to review the Request for Proposals guidelines and to use a direct link to submit your own proposal(s).

All proposals are due on Wednesday, September 15, by 11:59 p.m.

If you have any questions about the RFP process, email ShaLise Simmons ( or Debby Lewis ( with the LOD team.

Congratulations to Our Colleagues on Their Recent Promotion!

Shoshanah Inwood, Associate Professor

Shoshanah Inwood, Associate Professor
Community, Food and Economic Development

Gwynn Stewart, Educator 4

Gwynn Stewart, Educator 4
OSU Extension
Noble County

Brooke Beam, PhD, Educator 3

Brooke Beam, Educator 3
OSU Extension
Highland County

Kenzie Johnston, Educator 2

Kenzie Johnston, Educator 2
OSU Extension
Delaware County

New Fact Sheet

Congratulations to Gwynn Stewart and Joe Lucente! Their Utilizing Secondary Data for Business Retention and Expansion Planning and Reporting  (CDFS-1580) fact sheet has been published to Ohioline.

CD Video Update

As you know, it has been a goal of mine to bring more awareness to the Community Development program area since being in the role of interim assistant director. In an effort to do this I have asked two of our colleagues, Brooke Beam and Kenzie Johnston, to help create a video that captures the essence of what we do as CD professionals. Brooke and Kenzie have reached out to all of you and have scheduled dates and times to meet. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, several dates had to be canceled. Don’t worry, they will be reaching out to you to reschedule.

Thank you for your willingness to participate. If you have questions about this project, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Have a great day and remember: “Everything you want is on the other side of hard.” -Monty Williams



MS Office Short Courses Begin August 26:

The Business Training and Educational Services office via CFAES Wooster is offering several online MS Office courses in late August and September. The topics include several levels of Excel, basic Word, Access, and advanced Outlook use. The cost is $85 per course. The courses will be offered via Zoom, from 9 a.m.-noon on August 26, as well as September 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30. Review the course outlines here. Register online

Ohio JCEP Professional Development Award Applications due September 1:

Reminder that the next round of Ohio JCEP professional development awards is due September 1. All full members of Ohio JCEP are eligible to apply for these awards. Don’t miss out on support of your next professional development opportunity. Details and links to applications are posted here.

An Appalachia Cooperates Initiative Webinar - September 2:

Appalachia Cooperates Initiative Webinar - September 2, 2021 Building a Self-Help Network of Cooperatives: 
The Electric Co-op Story


As communities and regions look to innovative models for economic and community development, the cooperative model, and particularly networks of cooperation have emerged as a strategy to build local ownership and wealth. The story of rural electric cooperatives across the United States is a story about the power of self-help networks.

Doug Miller of Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives will share how the rural electric co-op community has built connections among local cooperatives, state and national organizations, and co-ops of cooperatives to support over 900 rural electric co-ops serving over 50% of the nation’s landmass. 

The webinar will be held on September 2 at 3 p.m. There is no cost, but registration is required. Learn more and register here.

Next EPN Breakfast - September 14:

EPN Breakfast - September 14, 2021

Resilient through Fire
September 14 from 7:15 to 9:30 a.m.

In-person and live streamed.

The next Environmental Professionals Network (EPN) Breakfast will be held September 14 from 7:15 to 9:30 a.m. in-person at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center and live streamed from the EPN YouTube channel.

Though historically suppressed in many ecosystems worldwide, fire is a natural part of the living landscape and advanced restoration programs utilize fire to enhance biodiversity, reduce invasive species, and improve overall ecosystem resiliency.  Increasing evidence shows that Ohio’s native ecosystems (oak-hickory forests, prairies, and peatland) are resilient through fire, though each community recovers and regenerates from fire differently. 

Click here for complete information, including program overview, agenda, speakers, registration, and live stream link. 

Upcoming NCRCRD Webinar - September 16:

NCRCRD Webinar - September 16, 2021

Using Q Methodology to Measure Rural Entrepreneurial Perceptions
An Overview of Homegrown: Entrepreneurship in Your Community

September 16 from 3 to 4 p.m.

Entrepreneurship is necessary for the economic growth of rural communities, but entrepreneurial activities can be shaped by the different perceptions that community stakeholders hold. To explore such diverse perceptions, Q methodology allows for the emergence of various patterns through participants’ use of a topic-based tool and a sorting process. Three studies using this method will be highlighted during the webinar. 

Homegrown is a program focused on building and strengthening your local entrepreneurial network. Homegrown can be tailored to community members or professionals with a shared interest in learning about entrepreneurship. We’ll review program content which include the basics of why entrepreneurship is a good economic development strategy, a description of the local business community, identifying the local entrepreneurial network, and sharing from guest entrepreneurs. We’ll discuss the experience and outcomes from pilots of this new program as well as future directions with youth audiences.


  • Dr. Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen, Assistant Professor, Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Dr. Tessa Conroy, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Registration is free and open. You must register in advance here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Zoom meeting.

Ohio Family Engagement Leadership Summit - September 17:

Ohio Family Engagement Leadership Summit 2021 The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center at Ohio State University will hold its second Ohio Family Engagement Leadership Summit on September 17 from 9 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

The Ohio Family Engagement Leadership Summit will be a FREE day of professional learning and connecting virtually with those dedicated to advancing effective family-school-community partnerships across Ohio and beyond. This summit brings research to action by providing schools, families, and community partners with the tools they need to work together to launch all children to success. If you are a parent leader, educator, or community partner looking for opportunities to evolve your family and community engagement practice, this summit is for you. 

At this year’s Summit, we will be charting new territories in family engagement by focusing learning sessions into the following four tracks:

  • Family engagement and mental health
  • Family engagement and student transitions
  • Family engagement and opportunity for all
  • Family engagement leadership

Dive deep into one of these areas or select a series of learning opportunities that meets your needs as a family engagement leader. Learn more.

Summit on Extension in Ohio’s Urban Communities – October 1:

OSU Extension Urban Summit 2021 Each year, OSU Extension hosts an urban summit to highlight and address the unique work done throughout Ohio's metro areas.

The summit is open to all interested Extension professionals who believe in or want to better understand the Extension mission in the urban context. Register by September 13 for this summit to be held in Toledo. Registration is $20 for OSU Extension professionals. Click here for more information.

IEDC Conference - October 3-6 (Virtual and In-person):

IEDC Annual Conference 2021 The 2021 International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Conference will take place October 3-6, in person in Nashville, TN, as well as virtually.

The key themes will be Tourism, Tech & Innovation, Transportation, and Arts and Culture.  Click here for complete information and to register.

Earth is Our Home Climate Change Series Update:

Earth is Our Home Climate Change Video Series Tom Blaine, Associate Professor, OSU Extension, CD, has been hosting a series on climate change titled Earth is Our Home, which is a production of OSU South Centers and co-hosted by Patrick Dengel. 

The purpose of this series is to give the viewer basic competence in discussing the factors that cause global temperatures to change, and how climate changes as a consequence. Please share this information with your clientele and peers via your networks and social media.

The most recent videos are:

  • Skepticism and Cynicism - Discussion surrounds skepticism and cynicism of global warming and climate change.
  • The Coriolis Effect: How Earth’s rotation influences air masses, winds, and storms in both the northern and southern hemisphere

The entire series is based here. Episodes are about 30 minutes in length.

Access LinkedIn Professional Development:

Learn skills to help advance your career. Staff can apply to access a free LinkedIn Learning License, provided by Human Resources and the University Staff Advisory Committee. With on-demand learning, you have 24/7 unlimited access to more than 5,000 video tutorials covering business, creative, and technology topics. Read more.



What-If Scenarios for Drought Planning:

Collaborative Drought Planning Using Scenario Exercises

No matter where you live, water is not a limitless resource. In times of drought, communities and regional water managers must often make decisions on how water is allocated to protect everything from the economy to public health. To help with the decision-making process, many communities have brought key people together to consider mitigation measures or put drought plans in place. As communities have developed mitigation measures or updated drought plans, water management leaders have increasingly continued the conversation with stakeholders by bringing them to the table to consider realistic what-if scenarios. 

The Collaborative Drought Planning Using Scenario Exercises interactive website provides information and tools to help plan drought scenario-based exercises. These structured, interactive activities are designed for engaging decision-makers, stakeholders, planners, emergency managers, and others in the process of planning and managing mitigation and response activities. 
The website is broken down into four sections, each with background information, tips, examples, and tools to help you understand roles that scenario-based exercises can play in reducing drought risk and to select and begin planning an exercise for your community or organization. It starts with an overview of drought planning and the role of scenario exercises; then the different types of exercises are discussed and compared; third, the whole process of developing an exercise is laid out in five phases; and lastly, you’ll find resources such as case studies from past events, direct links to worksheets, a glossary, and references. 
The information and approaches presented throughout the website should be used as guidance based on research and experience rather than as a fixed set of steps and procedures. Each community/organization will have different objectives and needs, making the process very flexible and adaptable. The goal is to present previously successful strategies you can employ to design the right exercise for your group and its unique objectives and goals.



Cuyahoga River Water Quality Continues to Improve:

The EPA's recognition of improved water quality marks another important milestone for the Cuyahoga River. Scott Hardy, Extension Educator, Ohio Sea Grant College Program, has worked with many community agencies on the Areas of Concern (AOC) advisory committee to improve the river's water quality dramatically. Four impairments have been removed by the EPA in recent years. Click here to view and read local television coverage of the latest milestone.

OSU Extension Strategic Alignment Activities and Opportunities for Engagement:

Statewide listening sessions will be held in August and September to seek broad stakeholder input (internal and external participants) as we continue our strategic futuring for OSU Extension. 

There are two remaining online listening sessions for Extension professionals (faculty, staff, and students). Please choose one of these to attend and provide your valuable perspective. Note: Registration is limited, so sign-up soon.

  • August. 30 (10 a.m. - 12 p.m.) – register here
  • September 8 (10 a.m. - 12 p.m.) – register here

OSU Extension Fall Road Shows - Register by September 15:

OSU Extension Fall Road Shows 2021 The 2021 OSU Extension Fall Road Shows will give us a chance to reflect, reconnect, and refocus!

Reflect on the past year, what we learned during the keys /values workshops this spring, and what we have heard during our strategic alignment listening sessions so far. We also will reflect on unconscious bias and learn how to be more intentional about inclusive hiring practices and within our culture overall.

Reconnect with our colleagues as we transition to a “next now,” adjust how best to work together within our office environments, and begin meeting even more often in-person once again with partners and clientele.

Refocus on our strategic efforts and organizational values/mission as we look to continually improve our partnerships, programs, products, processes, and support for our people and those we serve.

Register by Wednesday, September 15, for one of the in-person sessions or the virtual session. A boxed lunch will be provided. There is no cost to attend, although mileage should be covered by each unit/individual who is attending. The tentative agenda and registration form are available here.

The dates and locations are:

  • Monday, October 4 – Shisler Conference Center auditorium (Wooster)
  • Monday, October 11 – Operations in Caldwell (Belle Valley)
  • Friday, October 22 – OSU South Centers Research Administration Building (Piketon)
  • Monday, November 8 – Ward Pavilion (Toledo)
  • Monday, November 22 – Calumet Center (Dayton)
  • Tuesday, November 23 – virtual (via Zoom)

Volunteer to Work at Farm Science Review:

Farm Science Review In September, the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and Ohio State University Extension will be hosting the premier agricultural show, Farm Science Review.

In order to showcase the work of the college and Extension, your help is needed.  Plan to attend and work to promote what we do to over 100,000 visitors to the review.
Sign up to volunteer at one of the OSU Extension FSR areas. 
Area descriptions: 

  • Agronomic Crops Team Plots: Interact with visitors at the east end of FSR in the agronomy plots showcasing agronomy research and extension at OSU. We will have educational displays in a large tent and in the plots. We will provide an overview of the plots at the end of the agronomy team meeting on August 13. Shifts are two hours long.
  • eFields Field Demos: Interact with visitors to the FSR Field Demonstrations by handing out bottled water and eFields koozies. Shifts cover the duration of the field demonstrations.
  • iFarm Immersive Theatre: Interact with visitors at the iFarm Immersive Theatre by helping attendees select a film, enter, and exit the dome. Located in the Wick’s Barn, attendees will be able to experience agriculture videos in an IMAX-type setting.
  • Livestock Education Corral: Interact with visitors at the Livestock Education Corral and share about the educational offering including a hay storage demonstration.

Other areas looking for volunteers include the Gwynne Conservation Area (Carrie Jagger) and the Pesticide Safety Pad (Mimi Rose).

Call for Mentors - Round 2 Training Dates for MINE Program:

Now that hiring is picking up, we need even more trained mentors. We would like to begin pairing new staff with a mentor beginning on their Day 1 to contribute to their support system. Click here for more information about the program.

If you are interested in taking on this role, please save the dates below to participate. You must attend a Part 1 and Part 2 and be present for the duration to complete the training.

  • Part 1: October 6, 1 - 4 p.m. or October 13, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • Part 2: October 8, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. or October 14, 1 - 4 p.m.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Amanda or Jared

CFAES IT Update - Monthly Workstation Updates and Reboots:

You can expect to receive prompts to install updates and reboot your workstation(s), including your computer or research device, during the third week of each month. To avoid unexpected interruptions, you can proactively install these updates at your convenience. 

The timeline for updates and the tool to use for proactive updates are different for Windows and Mac users.  

Software patches and system updates are essential to keeping devices up-to-date and secure. Updates and patching may occur outside of this window when software/applications have security issues that need to be addressed immediately. 

Each month, OCIO posts an article noting which updates are available and the timeline for the month – check out the IT@OSU blog regularly for additional information.

Holidays Policy Revised to Add Juneteenth:

The university’s Holidays policy 6.20 has been revised to include Juneteenth as a university observed holiday on June 19 of each year. The HR website has been updated with the revised Holidays policy and updated Holidays calendar.

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