CD Wire - August 3, 2020

Mission Statement:
Ohio State University Extension
Community Development
helps communities enhance
their well-being.

AD Update:

-David Civittolo, Interim Assistant Director

Farewell and Thanks

Marlee Stollar will be leaving her student assistant position on August 11. During my tenure as interim AD, Marlee has graciously completed any and all tasks asked of her. And she has always done it with a smile on her face. I want to thank her for everything that she has done for Community Development.

Marlee will be starting a new job as a graduate research associate for the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership (ACEL) later this month. In addition to working for the department, Marlee will be taking courses to earn a master’s degree in Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership with a specialization in Agricultural Communication.

Good luck Marlee!

New Adams County ANR/CD Educator

Please welcome Richard Purdin, who starts his Extension journey today. His success will be a result of all of us working with him. You can reach him at

Richard was raised in Adams County Ohio and still currently lives there. He farms on his own and with his father in the Winchester area where they raise beef cattle, hogs, sheep, corn, soybeans, tobacco, and hay. His passion is agriculture, and he is always looking to expand and enhance his farming operation with the latest technologies while utilizing the latest and greatest research. He enjoys being in the outdoors learning new things and building relationships with other people.

Richard’s family has a long history of teaching, and he has inherited that drive to help others learn and be successful. While being a part of Adams County’s local Gideons Group, he is also very involved with his local church. He serves as a board member/trustee for the Adams County Farm Bureau. As a trustee he helps develop policies and organizes local outreach events. He is excited to start working with other OSU Extension staff as Adams County’s ANR/CD educator, making a successful career helping farmers succeed and helping the community grow.

Community Development In-Service

I am looking forward to our CD in-service that will be held this Thursday. We will begin the day at 10 a.m. with a conversation about the recently completed CD program review and conclude the day with program sharing. Remember - the goal of our time together is to make sure that these in-services have value to you and your programmatic development.

Kenzie Johnston graduates from Ohio Farm Bureau’s AgriPOWER Class

Delaware County CD educator Kenzie Johnston recently graduated from Ohio Farm Bureau’s AgriPOWER Class XI. The yearlong leadership program was started in 2008 to help agricultural advocates gain influence over public policy issues that impact businesses and communities. Kenzie learned from experts on how to become better leaders and advocates for the agricultural industry, including media training, etiquette training, social networking, and communications. They visited Washington, DC and learned about national and global issues, and visited diverse agricultural operations in Louisiana.

In summarizing her experience, Kenzie shared the following:

"AgriPOWER has taught me how to be a more engaging advocate for agriculture. It has made me want to be a better leader, a better Extension educator, and above all a better person for the community that I live, work, and play in each and every day."

Kenzie’s fee was covered in part by CD Professional Development Support dollars. Applications for the next round of awards are due September 1. The maximum funding award is $750. Find complete information here on how to apply. 

2020 NACDEP Conference Presentations

If you are interested in viewing poster and educational presentations that occurred at the 2020 NACDEP Conference they can be found here.

If you want to learn more about your OSU Extension CD colleagues’ presentations, visit:

All posters can be found here. Look for:

  • WIC Perks: Expanding Nutrition Incentives Beyond SNAP Eligibility - Amanda Osborne and Courtney Woelfl
  • Coming Together to Promote Racial Understanding: Findings undergird need for race dialogue in Extension - Brian Raison, Welborn, Walcott, Emery, Pirog, Stout, Hendrix
  • Ohio State University Extension Energy Outreach Program - Gwynn Stewart, Christine Gelley, and Erika Lyon
  • Community and Economic Development Impacts of Rural Public Transportation in Ohio - Gwynn Stewart and Godwin Apaliyah

Personnel Directory

The updated OSU Extension Personnel Directory is now live! You can reach the directory here.

There is also a link that says “Extension personnel directory” in the footer of any website with the Extension Locate an Office feature and a tab that says “OSU Extension Personnel Directory” under the About menu on the state Extension website.

Meet Susan Colbert, Program Director, Expansion and Engagement, Franklin County

Susan is known as a true CDer. She believes in grassroots efforts and that no project or dream is too big. I have had the privilege to conduct several programs over the years in Franklin County, and her devotion and dedication to enhancing the quality of lives of Franklin County residents is obvious.

Have a great week and remember: "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." -William James


CD Professional FEATURE:

Getting to know Susan Colbert
Program Director,
Expansion and Engagement
(Franklin County)

Susan Colbert
Located at:

OSU Extension - Franklin County
99 E. Ninth Ave.
Columbus, OH 43201

Program focus:
  • Urban Programs
  • Housing
  • Community Partnerships
About Susan:

Favorite Projects:

Home Buyer Education/Financial Literacy

  • Approved by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Certified by the City of Columbus, Franklin County and State of Ohio 

Individual Development Accounts

  • A savings incentive program designed to help low income families accumulate assets and build wealth. 

Favorite Hobbies and Activities:

  • Enjoy reading, travel, taking long walks in the park, and spending time with family/friends.


Susan’s OSU Extension career began in November 2000; however, she was no stranger to Extension because she was enrolled in the 4-H Club sponsored by Cornell University. However, she did not make the connection until she started working for OSU Extension that she realized that Cornell University was a land-grant university and 4-H originated out of Cooperative Extension. She attributes much of her success to the skills, knowledge, and experiences she developed when in 4-H while growing up in an economically disadvantaged community. Some of these skills included communication, leadership, community engagement, fundraising, and much more.   

She graduated from Canisius College with a dual BS in Sociology and Psychology and an MS in Social Sciences (with a focus in Urban Planning/Programming) from State University of New York at Buffalo. After graduating, she pursued a career in housing and community development. Eventually, Susan and her family moved to Springfield, OH, where she had the opportunity to work under the leadership of the city manager. After her term of service, she moved to Columbus, OH, and continued her career in housing at Columbus Housing Partnership (now known as Homeport) and subsequently, OSU Extension.

She was married to the love of her life, Roger, for 30 years until he passed away in 2015. Out of that union, she became the proud mother of two sons and grandmother of two grandsons. Although they occasionally get on her nerves, they remain the center of her life and make her life worth living. Lastly, she is a woman of faith, who loves God and tries to live a virtuous life in prayer, thanksgiving, and community service. 

Susan's Work:

Susan currently serves as Community Expansion and Engagement Program Director in Franklin County. She began her employment with OSU Extension in 2000 as a program assistant, was promoted to Extension educator, and now serves as program director. She has over 20 years of experience in community and economic development in New York and Ohio. Under Susan’s leadership, OSU Extension has played a critical role in the transformation of neighborhoods east of High Street, especially Weinland Park.

University DistrictSusan and her team of staff and volunteers utilize an asset-based approach to community development, which focuses on the resources and strengths of the neighborhood (i.e., people, places, partnerships) rather than the needs and deficiencies of the area. This approach has helped OSU Extension gain the respect and trust of residents and stakeholders. Subsequently, in homage for the work and commitment of OSU Extension, Community Housing Network donated office space in Weinland Park for the CD Team (located at 99 E. Ninth Ave., Columbus, OH 43201).

Under the leadership of Susan, the Franklin County CD Team has received numerous local, county, state, and national awards for their work


  • Lonnie A. Poindexter Service Leadership Award (April 2020)
  • Urban Land Institute Community Impact Award (Weinland Park Collaborative) (January 2019)
  • Raymond A. Schindler Excellence in Community Development Extension Award (January 2019)
  • Who’s Who in Black Columbus (November 2015)
  • OSU Distinguished Staff Award (April 2014)
  • C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement National Outreach Scholarship’s Exemplary Program Award (October 2011)
  • Leadership Ohio Award for Excellence (May 2011)
  • Walter and Marian English Award from the United Way (August 2010)
  • The Godman Guild Association Partner of the Year Award (June 2010)
  • John Stitzlein Award for Outstanding Contributions to Diversity in Programs (September 2009)
  • The Ray Miller Institute for Change and Leadership (December 2009)
  • Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbank’s Ohio Benefit Bank Award (November 2006)
  • OSU’s Department of Human and Community Resource Development Out on the Limb Award for outstanding achievements and accomplishments (January 2005)
  • OSU Extension Most Notable Ideas Award (May 2004)
  • Fifth H Award for innovative programming (July 2003)
You can reach Susan at or 614-297-3861.
Our next feature will spotlight
Kyle White, Extension educator, CD
(Lorain County and Medina County)
and Area Leader (Area 4).



Copyright Consideration for your New (or old) Online Course - August 11:

Research Commons How does copyright law differ for distance learning and traditional courses?

What permissions do you need to share or include another’s content in your online course? Join the University Libraries’ Copyright Services to learn the basics of copyright for online instruction on August 11 from 9-10:30 a.m. via Zoom. For complete information and to register, click here.

The Problem with Plastics Webinar - August 13:

Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

Join Jill Bartolotta, Extension educator, Ohio Sea Grant College Program, for "The Problem with Plastics" webinar on August 13 from 6-7 p.m. via Zoom.

Plastic is the most common item found on cleanups with most of these plastics being single-use of disposable plastics. It is harmful to the natural environment and all living organisms. We need to rethink how we use plastic and ultimately make the decision to use less in our lives. The suggested donation for this event is $5. For complete information and to register, click here.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Mobility - August 14:

Impact of COVID-19 on Mobility COVID-19 has major, unprecedented impacts on transportation at all scales.

Traffic was gone and is coming back, public transit ridership is struggling, and people have rediscovered walking and biking. How is this disruption affecting mobility in central Ohio? Hear panelists discuss the topic on August 14 at noon. For complete information and to register, click here.

Mindfulness In-Service - August 20:

Mindfulness Webinar Photo As part of the 2020 Family and Consumer Sciences Professional Development Monthly In-services that have moved to a virtual platform, all OSU Extension staff are invited to join the August Mindfulness In-Service.

This in-service will focus on the 2019 Mindful Wellness Curriculum, general resources, an on-your-own mindfulness activity, and experiences related to the broad topic of mindfulness. Register by Tuesday, August 11.

Schedule a Trauma Informed Care Training in Your Community or Become an Instructor:

Becoming “trauma-informed” means recognizing that people often have many different types of trauma in their lives. People who have been traumatized need support and understanding from those around them. Often, trauma survivors can be re-traumatized by well-meaning caregivers and community service providers. The Ohio Trauma-Informed Care project seeks to educate our communities about the impact of trauma on clients, co-workers, friends, family, and even ourselves. Understanding the impact of trauma is an important first step in becoming a compassionate and supportive community.

If you would like to schedule a virtual Trauma Informed Care Approaches Training in your community, please reach out to one following instructors listed here.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this multi-disciplinary team, please plan to attend one of the next instructor trainings in 2020. The dates are September 29 and October 1 or November 3 and 5 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Attendance is required for both days of the training. Register.

Virtual Land Use Actions for the Future of Our County - Workshop September - December:

Land Use Actions Learn more about balanced land use – making connections across agriculture, economic development, open space, housing, and urban development through the now virtual Land Use Actions for the Future of Our County workshop.

The workshop is now divided into four smaller sessions and switched to a brown bag lunch seminar series on September 24, October 22, November 19, and December 3. View the flyer for more information. Register.



COVID-19 Publication Opportunity - Idea Proposals due August 15:

Choices Magazine The Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics and the Regional Rural Development Centers are proposing a special issue for Choices to be published in 2021 if its thematic proposal is accepted.

Jane Kolodinsky and Stephan Goetz will serve as co-editors of this issue, in consort with the Choices thematic issue editor. Choices is looking for eight short (two to three pages maximum) papers that might also include an infographic under the general topic Rural Development Implications One Year After COVID-19. A broad range of topics including food systems, local food, food security, poverty and income, broadband, health, self-employment, agricultural production, labor, and others will also be considered.

The completed papers will be due January 31, 2021 and peer-reviewed immediately. If interested, please send a brief (50-100 word) topic idea proposal to, with and copied by August 15, 2020. Read more.



Online Training Course and Together As Buckeyes Pledge:

Safe and Healthy Buckeyes All students, faculty, and staff must complete an online training course and the Together As Buckeyes Pledge. The pledge acknowledges an understanding of and commitment to the behaviors described in the training. It is not a legal waiver.

The 10-minute training will be assigned in the coming weeks to BuckeyeLearn transcripts, and the pledge will be signed upon completion of the course. You will be alerted when it is available. Accommodations will be made for those without access to a computer to complete the training.

Completing the training and signing the pledge are mandatory for all students, faculty, and staff before returning to Ohio State’s campuses. Those who have already been working on a campus should take the online training and sign the pledge as soon as possible. For those not physically returning to a campus, the training and pledge need to be completed by the start of autumn semester on August 25.

The training course will cover expectations for daily health checks, personal protection such as face masks, hygiene, staying informed and more.

While everyone is expected to follow the guidance voluntarily, accountability measures will be in place for those who do not complete the training and sign the pledge or choose not to abide by required health and safety guidelines. These accountability measures may range from additional training and informal coaching to formal disciplinary action based on existing structures for students, faculty, and staff. They are available on the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website. Please visit the website regularly for updates, including additional guidance related to the mask requirement for all students, faculty, staff, vendors, volunteers, and visitors.

Essential and Time-Critical In-Person Programming Process:

All CFAES educational outreach activities and events using in-person programming and hosted by anyone in CFAES, regardless of the location, must be approved through this process before proceeding. 

Approval Processes

  1. In-Person Programming by CFAES Professionals (Statewide, Columbus, Wooster)
    For in-person programming by Ohio State professionals from our statewide, Columbus, and Wooster campuses, individuals will submit their request via a Qualtrics Survey for weekly review by the committee and, upon approval, receive their approval letter (via email) which can be attached to eRequests. For in-person programming, please use this link.
  2. Events organized at one of our 27 CFAES facilities or event centers by EXTERNAL customers
    For programming hosted by external clients who want to use our CFAES facilities (Wooster Campus conference center, Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, any of the agricultural research stations, including Chadwick Arboretum and Secrest Arboretum), event space managers (those responsible for scheduling/renting the space) will complete the necessary template for committee consideration. External clients will also be expected to follow all university, state, and CDC guidelines, including that masks and social distancing will be required. More information about this specific process will be shared in the near future.

Submissions will be reviewed on an ad hoc basis but no less than weekly. 

The CFAES Return to Offices and Campuses Webpage:

The CFAES Return to Offices and Campuses webpage is a central location to find college-specific guidance, links to university resources, and key contacts for support. The webpage has been updated and will continue to be updated as new guidance is released. Please bookmark and visit the page frequently for information and further updates.

Generation Rx Survey:

Generation Rx 2020 The Generation Rx Team needs your help! COVID-19 continues to impact the way we are all preparing for both the school year and local community support programs.

As we continue to update our educational resources and activities for virtual and adapted use, we wish to better understand how you are partnering with your local schools and community partners.

By completing this five-minute survey, you can inform adaptations and improvements to existing tools and support prioritization of new features. This survey is open until August 7, and all responses are anonymous. 

If you have any questions, please email



Personal Health Assessment and Biometric Health Screening Changes:

Your Plan for Health Changes have been made to the Your Plan for Health incentive program.

For the remainder of 2020, benefits-eligible faculty, staff, and their enrolled spouses only need to complete the Personal Health and Well-being Assessment (PHA) to earn full 2021 medical plan premium credit. Complete the PHA in the Virgin Pulse portal by December 31. You no longer need to complete a verified biometric health screening. If you do complete one this year, you will earn bonus YP4H points toward additional reward. Read more.

ODEE Workshop Registration Moving to BuckeyeLearn:

BuckeyeLearn Registration for all workshops scheduled after August 6 will take place in BuckeyeLearn, Ohio State's enterprise platform for training and professional development.

Offering workshop registration through BuckeyeLearn allows ODEE to better collaborate with units across campus that offer similar programming. For a complete list of upcoming professional learning opportunities from ODEE, click here.

Articles/Publications of Interest:


Tracking Lake Erie's harmful algal blooms upstream (College of Arts and Sciences News)

Ohio Sea Grant eNewsletter (July 2020)

The Drop - NCRWN eNewsletter (July 2020)

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