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AD Update:

-Greg Davis, Assistant Director

CD Program Review Update

You may have heard mention of our external program review in Roger Rennekamp’s “Director Update Zoom” last week. It was great to see CD background information shared via the slides and hear his remarks about our work. If you weren’t able to watch, the recording is available here.

I am hopeful that many of our non-CD colleagues who are less familiar with our work found the overview helpful as they respond to the “crowdsourcing” survey invite sent to all Extension personnel last Thursday as well. The two-question survey will close by 11:59 p.m., Thursday, May 30. Please encourage your colleagues to provide feedback and feel free to inform their understanding of our work as needed. Below is the survey “coverletter” content that may be helpful:      

One of Ohio State University Extension’s four program areas is Community Development (CD). It partners in delivering evidence-based programs and services to individuals, organizations, and communities to develop skilled and engaged leaders, sustainable and livable communities, and greater vitality with a more defined sense of purpose. Since hiring the first regional CD agents in 1960, OSU Extension has served as a catalyst that brings people, organizations, and communities together to get things done. For nearly 60 years, a mix of county-, regional-, and state-based CD professionals have helped communities with: economic development, leadership development, organizational capacity building, and community planning.

Add your insight into the future of OSU Extension’s Community Development program. This quick, two-question “crowdsourcing” request for all Extension personnel is one element of an OSU Extension program review to evaluate the current status and identify future direction and priorities. We recognize that your familiarity and experience with OSU Extension CD may be limited, but we value having diverse perspectives. 

We are working diligently at the state office to begin fleshing out the Internal Self Study component and the State of Community Development in Ohio (market study) components. As promised at last week’s state CD in-service, you can expect to receive a request for information from me this week. You can keep up with our CD Program review progress here.

Thank you, Cindy Bond

Cindy Bond Last week’s program, Increasing Prosperity and Well-Being in Ohio Communities, showcased our very own Cindy Bond as an EPN Breakfast panelist. She did a fantastic job of illustrating how individuals can come together in communities to affect positive change, and set the stage for the facilitated networking and community-building discussions that engaged about 60 colleagues from CFAES and EHE. Thank you, Cindy, and everyone who was able to participate and expand their professional network.

Welcome Gage Smith

Gage Smith Please extend a warm CD-welcome to Gage Smith who joined the state CD staff as a program assistant on May 13. A Meigs County native, he brings marketing and public relationships experience as well as international experiences in Ghana (in 2016, 2017, and 2018). Gage is also studying Community Leadership (Community and Extension Education) in the CFAES Department of Agricultural, Communication, Education and Leadership (ACEL).

Finally, where in the world is…  

…the U.S. Southeastern Continental Margin and Blake Plateau? I don’t know either, but this will be “home” to Jill Bartolotta for the first couple of weeks of June as she sails aboard the NOAA vessel, Okeanos Explorer, as part of their Teacher at Sea program. Read more about her expedition here (scroll down to "U.S. Southeastern Continental Margin and Bahamas"). You can follow Jill's adventures here. Smooth sailing to you, Jill!!

"Report = Support: Identifying and Responding to Sexual Misconduct" Mandatory Online Course - Complete by June 30

Be sure to carve out some time to complete the sexual misconduct prevention course: “Report = Support: Identifying and Responding to Sexual Misconduct.” This online course has been assigned to all faculty and staff via BuckeyeLearn, so please check your transcript to access the training. The university has determined that employees who do not complete the training by fall 2020 will not be eligible for annual increases.



Digital Engagement Webinar Series continues July 29:

Developing Branded Infographics with Piktochart - Monday, July 29 @ 10 a.m.

Infographics offer a great way to help audiences consume statistic-heavy information in a fun and engaging way. Danae Wolfe will present this webinar and introduce participants to the basics of using the free online program, Piktochart, to design and publish branded interactive infographics that can be shared on social media, posted on websites, or printed. Click here to register.

Upcoming webinars include:

Assessing Impact and Engagement of Digital Learning - Monday, August 5
Debby Lewis and Danae Wolfe
Evaluating impact is a priority of Extension programs. Assessing the impact of digital content and online learning opportunities is no less important than assessing the impact of traditional face-to-face programs, but it does require a bit more planning and preparation. Evaluation should be fully integrated into the development and design of online learning opportunities. This webinar will offer participants helpful information on incorporating evaluation into formal online learning through online courses and webinars and informal online learning through social media, videos, and e-newsletters.

Accessibility - Monday, September 23
Megan Fogel (Office of Distance Education and e-Learning - ODEE)
As a public institution, The Ohio State University and OSU Extension have a responsibility to create and disseminate content that is accessible to all audiences. Creating accessible contents means reducing barriers to content consumption and comprehension. Examples include ensuring that screen readers can easily read written text aloud, assigning alternate text to graphics so they may be appropriately described, and including captions with video content. This webinar will cover the basics of creating accessible digital content and cover OSU’s legal obligations in offering content that is accessible to all audiences.

Past Digital Engagement Webinar Series recordings are now available:



NCRCRD Impacts Report Executive Summary now Available:

Operating as a team, state Extension leaders from the twelve North Central 1862 land grant universities developed common indicators for reporting the impacts of community development educational programs. The States collectively developed this report based on in-state action. Each partner university selected a subset of the indicators for reporting. The executive summary for the 2018 impacts report (dated April 2019) is now available. Check back for the full report.

Patterson Lecture Recording now Available:

In case you missed the May 2nd inspiring Patterson Lecture from University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank, you can watch a replay and read a recap.

Effectively communicating the value of public universities is more critical than ever at a time of growing skepticism about higher education. That was the message and the mission advanced by University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank as she delivered the 16th annual James F. Patterson Land-Grant University Lecture on May 2. “At this moment in time, communicating our value and responding effectively to public criticism is an absolutely critical part of our job as higher education leaders,” Blank said. Read more and watch the replay at the above link.

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