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-Greg Davis, Assistant Director

NACDEP Conference Reflections

2018 NACDEP Conference Logo Just two short weeks ago we were in the midst of the 2018 NACDEP Conference. As NACDEP Conferences go, it was similar in many ways to the thirteen previous annual versions. But what made this one particularly special to me was that it was held in Cleveland, Ohio and hosted by Ohio Extension CD professionals.

And yet it was so much more than that. It was the culmination of months of planning and countless conference calls and face-to-face meetings with key individuals, subcommittees, and the NACDEP board, among others. The conference provided a rallying focus for our CD team-building discussions, activities, and application of interpersonal communication and collaborative skills (I called it ‘leadership and team-building practice’) over the past couple of years.

In the end, so many of you took ownership for the various pieces and parts of what ultimately came together to comprise a wonderful event. It wasn’t what we did that excites me most, but rather how we did it. To watch you all willingly accept and then so gracefully execute your various conference responsibilities has been such a satisfying experience for me.

Everyone had a variety of roles to play and each of them were so very well played! We had presenters, national and regional award winners and national officers. We had mobile learning workshop leaders, Sunday ‘greeters’ and ‘hosts’ for our keynoters. We had our ‘day chairs’ and our ‘IT hosts’ and our Johnny-on-the-spot ‘Guidebook guru’ as well. And, of course we had our ‘Sandy’ too, who, if given enough of the chocolate-covered Espresso beans strategically located in the Humphrey Room (aka our planning committee headquarters) most likely could have handled every one of these various roles!

Finally, I am perhaps most pleased with our NACDEP President and conference planning co-chair, David Civittolo, whose ‘can-do’ attitude was the reason we proposed hosting this annual conference to the NACDEP board several years earlier in the first place. In the midst of managing a full workload and family responsibilities at home, David embraced the opportunity to host this conference and to strengthen our team in the process. His leadership and vision and all of your various contributions made serving as co-chair truly one of the most rewarding work experiences I have had at OSU. I feel a profound sense of gratitude to you for your various contributions, your dedication to the cause, and of course your patience as we managed through this! Thank you all!

Expect more conference re-cap and reflection when we meet at the Franklin County Extension office on July 17 from 9:30 to noon (prior to an afternoon Columbus Clippers ballgame). Remember to come prepared to share your observations and reflections (or send me your thoughts if you are unable to attend – thank you, Becky!).

As is the norm, the excellent work being done by Ohio members was once again a key part of the Tuesday night awards banquet. Here again is the list and congratulations to all those recognized!

NACDEP National Awards

Educational Technology Winner (Team): Julie Fox and Michelle Gaston for Extension in the City Highlights

Innovation and Creativity Runner-Up (Team): Godwin Apaliyah, Jill Bartolotta, Brooke Beam, Tom Blaine, Cindy Bond, Nancy Bowen-Ellzey, David Civittolo, Susan Colbert, Trevor Corboy, Laura Fuller, Tory Gabriel, Carol Hamilton, Scott Hardy, Gary Kuhn, Joe Lucente, Darlene Lukshin, Kori Montgomery, Myra Moss, Becky Nesbitt, Sandy Odrumsky, Sarah Orlando, Amanda Osborne, Brian Raison, Eric Romich, Mariah Stollar, Meghan Thoreau, Lauren Vargo, Kyle White and Myra Wilson for OSU Extension CD Blog

NACDEP Regional Awards

Distinguished Career Winner: Becky Nesbitt

Cross Program Winner (Individual): Anne Johnson for Crossing Boundaries: Collaborating for Ohioans in Senior Living Communities

Innovation and Creativity Winner (Team): Godwin Apaliyah, Jill Bartolotta, Brooke Beam, Tom Blaine, Cindy Bond, Nancy Bowen-Ellzey, David Civittolo, Susan Colbert, Trevor Corboy, Laura Fuller, Tory Gabriel, Carol Hamilton, Scott Hardy, Gary Kuhn, Joe Lucente, Darlene Lukshin, Kori Montgomery, Myra Moss, Becky Nesbitt, Sandy Odrumsky, Sarah Orlando, Amanda Osborne, Brian Raison, Eric Romich, Mariah Stollar, Meghan Thoreau, Lauren Vargo, Kyle White and Myra Wilson for OSU Extension CD Blog

Excellence in CD Programming Runner-Up (Individual): Joe Lucente for City of Perrysburg BR&E Program

Excellence in CD Programming Runner-Up (Team): Myra Wilson, Anne Johnson, Kori Montgomery, Cynthia Dougherty, Jim Bates, Kathryn Brod, and Brian Butler for Putting Elders First: Connections that Impact Ohioans in Senior Living Communities

Presentations and Posters

The conference program also included a variety of presentations by Ohio members, many of whom have partnered with others representing other program areas, other colleges and in some cases other institutions:

  • Kyle White & John Mann - Small Business Innovation Research Grants -- What Are They and How Can My Constituents Get One?
  • Myra Wilson & Anne Johnson - Putting Elders First
  •  Amanda Osborne - Partnering for Community Health: Produce Prescription Hypertension in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Myra Moss, Nancy Bowen-Ellzey & Tom Murphy - Community Engagement in "Shocked" Localities: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Energy Impacted Communities
  • Jill Bartolotta & Scott Hardy - Barriers and Benefits to Desired Behaviors for Single Use Plastic Items in Northeast Ohio's Lake Erie Basin
  • Thomas Blaine – Engaging Extension Audiences on Controversial Public Issues
  • Jerome Iles - Encouraging New Audiences to Purchase Food from Local Growers
  • Scott Hardy - Community Response to Climate Induced Storm Hazards
  • Godwin T. Apaliyah & Chad Gibson - Where Theory Meets Practice: The Role of Extension and the Land-Grant Institution in Community Strategic Planning - The Fayette County Experience, a Model for Supporting Rural Communities
  • Cindy Torppa & Jacqueline Kirby Wilkins – Whatever Happened to Professionalism?
  • Julie Fox – Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Community
  • Anne Johnson, Kori Montgomery & Myra Wilson - Do What You Do Best
  • Trevor Corboy and Brian Raison – LOOK to Ohio:  Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
  • Myra Moss, Paul Lachapelle, Nancy Bowen-Ellzey, Eric Romich, David Cole, Ken Martin & Tom Murphy - The State of Research, Education and Outreach in US Shale Oil and Gas Regions: Existing Resources and Future Opportunities
  • Brian Raison - Above the Line Leadership: Responding to Tailgaters et al
  • Sarah A. Orlando, Joe Lucente, Eric Toman, Alexander Heeren & Emily Hutchins - Do Your PART: A Coastal Storms Preparation, Adaptation, and Response Tool for Great Lakes Marinas
  • Nancy Bowen, Mattijs van Maasakkers, Phil Downing & Jeeson Oh - The Ohio Land Exchange: Building Consensus for New Approaches to Vacant Land Reuse in Lima, OH
  • Meghan Thoreau - Coding Basics for 21st Century Workforce Development: A Train the Trainer Approach
  • Scott Hardy & Jill Bartolotta – Barriers and Benefits to Desired Behaviors for Single Use Plastic Items in Northeast Ohio’s Lake Erie Basin
  • Trevor Corboy and Nanette Neal – Agriculture in the Community
  • Myra Wilson and Cindy Bond – Solve a Complex Issue with The BRIDGE Signature Program
  • Kyle White and Ashley Kulhanek – Master Gardeners and Section 8
  • Kyle White and Ashley Kulhanek – Helping Homeowners Find Answers, Cross Programming Series

Fantastic work was shared with conference participants and invested by all to produce a very engaging and high-quality event. I look forward to hearing your reactions and reflections as we ‘close the books’ on this experience in the coming weeks. Again, thank you all!

Welcome Gwynn Stewart!

Gwynn Stewart was part of the new personnel orientation today in Ag Admin, and will begin her new Extension career tomorrow in Noble County as a CD educator. She comes to us from the Buckeye Hills Regional Council & Area Agency on Aging where she was the director of communications since 2007. Gwynn has degrees in Journalism and Marketing and Communications from Ohio University and Franklin University, respectively, and will have much to contribute. We look forward to working with and learning more about Gwynn!

2017 NCRCRD Annual Report and Extension CD Executive Summary Impacts Report

Now available online: 2017 NCRCRD Annual Report and Extension Community Development Executive Summary Impacts Report. The full Impacts report is forthcoming.

Ohio State Program Teaches New Fathers about Personal Finance

Susan Colbert's New Fathers/New Beginnings program in Franklin County was featured in a recent CFAES News article!



2018 Stone Lab Guest Lecture Series through August 2:

Stone Lab Stone Lab is again hosting guest lectures on current Lake Erie environmental, economic and community issues.

Speakers cover topics ranging from careers in green industries to wildlife conservation at The Wilds, as well as research projects on everything from fish vision to invasive species. The free lectures run Thursdays June 14 to August 2. Read more.

2018 Forecast for HABs in Lake Erie - JULY 12:

Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory will host a free public webinar on July 12 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to explain NOAA’s 2018 Seasonal Forecast of Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) for Lake Erie, including expert commentary, a discussion of the history of this issue on Lake Erie, Ohio’s response to the problem, and a Q&A session. Registration is required.

Urban Food Systems Symposium - August 8-11:

UFSS 2018 Logo The 2018 Urban Food Systems Symposium will be held August 8-11 at the Graduate Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN.

The goal is to bring together a national and international audience of academic and research-oriented professionals to share and gain knowledge on urban food systems and the role they play in global food security. Registration and more information is available here.

Engaged Scholars includes Proceedings from 2018 Community Engagement Conference:

Knowledge Bank Engaged Scholars, which includes the proceedings of the 2018 Community Engagement Conference, is now online via The Ohio State University Library’s Knowledge Bank at

Engaged Scholars is searchable by author, title, and keyword. For the best search results, use the search box at the top of the page and select “Only this Collection.” Additionally, all of the presentations include contact information for the primary presenter.

In addition to the 2018 conference proceedings, Engaged Scholars includes presentations from the 2013-17 University Engagement Forums. In total there are 681 entries curated in the collection across six volumes.

Extension Disaster Education Network:

Extension Disaster Education Network Visit the new EDEN website to find additional resources and information.

The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) has become the venue for Extension professionals to: 

  • Connect with others doing disaster-related work
  • Attend disaster education meetings, workshops, and webinars
  • Reach out to Extension colleagues when help is needed

Materials available to Extension Educators include:

  • Family Preparedness is a curriculum that includes a PowerPoint, presenter notes, handouts, and promotional materials. Many other courses are also available.
  • Surviving a Disaster is an educational program to teach participants how they can prepare in advance to survive a disaster. This program also provides all the materials you will need to offer this course in your area.
  • Webinars  to learn about disaster resources and programs, keep up-to-date on federal disaster programs, and receive guidance on assembling a toolbox for building disaster resilient communities.

Alzheimer's 101 Webinar Recording:

The recording of the Alzheimer's 101 program training webinar held in May, presented by the North Central Region Aging District, is now available to view.

Beginning October 5, two webinars per month (1st and 3rd Fridays) will be presented. The first Friday will be gerontology/aging related, and the third Friday will be more general professional development for Extension professionals. All webinars will begin at 11 a.m. (ET). A website will launch shortly where these webinars, aging-related curricula, and so much more will be stored and accessible.

2019 Community Engagement Conference - January 23-24:

Last year, the Office of Outreach and Engagement and OSU Extension co-sponsored the university’s inaugural Community Engagement Conference focused on Health and Wellness. More than 800 faculty and staff attended the two-day event. The planning committee included faculty and staff from virtually every college on campus.

Mark your calendar for next year’s event, which will be held January 23-24, 2019. The theme will be sustainability. This theme aligns well with the emerging priorities of CFAES and will allow us to demonstrate our leadership in this important area of work.



Annual Family and Consumer Sciences Conference - Call for Proposals due July 16:

The 2018 FCS conference planning committee invites you to attend the 2018 FCS conference October 24 (12:30-5 p.m.) and October 25 (8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.) in Columbus. The theme, Building Well-Connected Communities, will reflect their reach, impact, and roles they play in creating cultures of health all across the State of Ohio. Additional registration information, including a location, agenda and payment information, will be coming soon!

If you are interested in facilitating a workshop or poster during the event, please view the details for more information. All proposals must be submitted to no later than July 16.

Ignite Proposals for State 4-H Professionals' Update due August 24:

From Tom Archer, Assistant Director, 4-H Youth Development . . .

4-H Clover

We are in the early stages of planning for our November 8th State 4-H Professionals’ Update. The Planning Committee met last week, and one of the options for professional development discussed was to have “5 Minute Ignite” presentations. Ignite is a presentation format where a presenter speaks while slides advance automatically to support them. An Ignite presentation is exactly 5 minutes, and contains exactly 20 slides. The slides advance automatically after each slide is displayed for 15 seconds. The “Ignite” slogan is: “Enlighten us, but make it quick.” Ignite is a fun way to share program ideas, management tips, encouragement, and so much more in a quick fast paced format. Learn more about Ignite…visit:

The topics planned for November 8th are requested to be related to multi-disciplinary programming that ANR, CD or FCS have with 4-H. We would very much appreciate proposals from anyone in Extension.

Provide the following information for your proposal via email to

  • Title of proposal
  • Lead author and contact information – name, title, location, phone, email
  • Co-author(s) and contact information – name, title, email
  • Full description of presentation including an explanation of why the information to be provided is of need or of interest to 4-H professionals and how you will engage the audience in your presentation. (3,000-character limit, including spaces)
  • Learning objectives of the proposal (1,000-character limit, including spaces)

Submit what is working and will benefit your colleagues! The committee is looking for ideas that others can use. These will be due by Friday, August 24. Those selected will be notified by October 1. If you are selected to present an Ignite session, your final PowerPoint (20 slides) will be due by November 1.



Survey for Increasing Awareness of Hepatitis E Virus in the Community:

The OARDC-Kenney's laboratory conducts research on Hepatitis E Virus (HEV), and the team is working on an outreach project to increase awareness about zoonotic diseases (diseases spread between animals and people), specifically Hepatitis E Virus, in the community. 

They are requesting Extension Educators to complete a needs assessment survey to find the gap between the information on zoonotic (HEV) diseases that the community has available to them and the information that is available from us regarding zoonotic diseases and HEV. The team hopes moving forward to provide the missing information on zoonotic diseases to the community with the help of Extension Educators. This survey will help them gauge interest for this type of outreach in Extension.

Wanted: Beach Survey Data Collectors – Western Basin of Lake Erie:

Two outgoing people are needed to monitor beach visitation and interview beach visitors at several public beaches in the western Lake Erie Basin. This research is funded by the Ohio Sea Grant Program and is conducted by researchers at Ohio State University and Michigan State University. The research seeks to collect data on beach visitors to determine the benefit that beaches provide to the Northern Ohio economy.

The specific tasks will be to:

  • Count individuals leaving public beaches over a 5-8 hour period.
  • Count individuals on the beach at specific times.
  • Intercept a sample of beach visitors and conduct a short interview using a notepad.
  • Download data from notepads on a daily basis, or whenever data is collected
  • Collect other relevant data about the beach at the time the sampling is conducted (weather, water conditions, water quality signage, etc.)

Payment will be $15 per hour. Must provide own transportation to and from the beach site, but can include the transport time in the hourly estimate. Project will start in July and continue through August for up to 8 weeks of continuous sampling. Individuals will be requested to work 5-6 days per week, depending on weather and other variables. Given that a high proportion of beach visits occurs on weekends, work will include weekends as well. The payment will be made through a standard consulting contract with the Ohio State University and will not constitute employment.

To apply, send name, address, email address, and a short resume or description of experience to Brent Sohngen at Also feel free to call at 614-638-4640.

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