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AD Update:

-Greg Davis, Assistant Director

Welcome Carol Hamilton (from Program Coordinator to Educator) in Delaware

Effective today, Carol Hamilton officially assumes the role of CD Educator in Delaware County. Carol served as Extension in the City Program Coordinator prior to her new position. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology and recently received her Master’s in Agricultural and Extension Education where she focused on bettering consumer understanding of food labels. She has a passion for food and every step it takes from farm to table. As a CD Educator, Carol plans to focus on small business and entrepreneurship interests as well as continue youth outreach in the southern half of the County through non-traditional programs and activities.

Carol lives in Worthington with her husband and operates as small hop yard as part of the family farm in Raymond, Ohio. She loves to travel, hike, kayak, and modify vehicles with her husband. She is thankful for the CD Educator opportunity and looks forward to meeting and working with other Educators throughout the Ohio.

December 7 CD Meeting Re-cap

A couple of weeks ago we gathered in the Ag Admin Auditorium to share and learn more about our individual and team programming efforts. We also talked more about the designEXT effort and how our work ‘looks’ within the new Impact Areas. The day wrapped up after a little facilitated small group brainstorming conversations focused the use of the CD blog and a run-down on our current NACDEP 2018 conference planning.

These were really engaging and helpful conversations and I thank you all for your active participation throughout the day. You reminded me that we are involved in a wide variety of educational efforts with a variety of partners. It is clear that our ability to collaborate in an impact area mindset is significant, and based on the feedback you shared, you see these opportunities too. Your concerns regarding the designEXT are similar to those shared by others. I appreciate you sharing them and will relay them via the Extension administrative cabinet. To see more about how some of these concerns have been addressed, you may want to review the responses posted at designEXT FAQs.

Our CD blogging ‘experiment’ continues to exceed expectations with nearly 8000 unique visitors and over 17,000 pageviews. Mariah Stollar summarized your brainstorming shared here. In short, we like how the OSU blog platform has been used and we see a few opportunities to make our blogging efforts better. Our collective tip list includes the following:

  • Engage the reader… Draw them in in the first sentence and close with a call to action.
  • Go for short… Brevity is key so think 3 paragraphs with photos and links to more info on the topic posted elsewhere.
  • Keep it real…. Be perceptive of what is going on in the “real world” – i.e. headlines, etc. and remember to think about when the blog will post when deciding on your most relevant content.
  • Learn from others… for help in getting better, examine other successful blog posts or ask colleagues to review your draft and provide honest feedback.

Finally, last but not least I am happy to report that NACDEP 2018 conference planning efforts continue along. Sponsorship opportunities are available and the Fast Track link is now open and accepting presentation proposals through January 15. Learn more about these items and other conference info here.

We’ll meet again on January 23 as part of the Extension professional association meetings (last I looked, the NACDEP breakout was 2:15-3:15) at the Fawcett Center (we have outgrown the 4-H Center).

Best wishes to you for a peaceful holiday break!



LOOK to Ohio Introductory Meeting January 3:

The LOOK to Ohio team is planning a Zoom meeting on January 3 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. This will be an informational meeting introducing the newest OSU Extension Signature Program.

Preview the LOOK to Ohio Pre-Planning Guide to see how LOOK might be used in your county. Learn more about LOOK to Ohio here. Register to receive the Zoom link by Friday, December 29 and more information on LOOK to Ohio at this link

EPN Breakfast January 9
Sustainability Lessons from Local Craft Brewery:

The next Environmental Professionals Network (EPN) breakfast will be held at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center on Tuesday, January 9 from 7:15 to 9:30 a.m. 

Land-Grant Brewing Company's sustainability manager and Ohio State alumnus, Vincent Valentino, will share successes, challenges and failures the local brewery has faced in its first year pursuing sustainability. He also will discuss the company's partnership with urban farmers and Columbus community groups, as well as its vision for a sustainable future. Free for Ohio State students. Read more and register.

National Land-Grant Diversity Conference Early Bird Registration due January 15:

The National Land-Grant Diversity Conference (formerly the Tri-State Diversity Conference), "Intentional Connections: Education & Application in a World of Differences," will be held Thursday, February 15 - Friday, February 16 in Hebron, Kentucky. Registration is now open (early bird $195 special deadline is Monday January 15.)

The Conference is hosted by five land-grant universities from Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. It is designed for administrators, faculty, and staff from Cooperative Extension, research, and academic programs; private and public university representatives; K-12 educators; community outreach leaders; health and social services professionals; employers and supervisors; human resource staff; elected and appointed officials; and all others wanting to expand diversity efforts and increase cultural understanding in their communities and workplaces.

Click here for complete information and to register. Pre-Conference (Wednesday, February 14) information will be available soon.

Rural Health and Safety Education - Combating Opioids Webinar Series Continues January 17:

The first webinar from the Rural Health and Safety Education series, "Combating Opioids" was held December 5. If you missed the presentation, both the recording and PowerPoint are available at RHSE Webinar Series.

The next webinar in this series will be held Wednesday, January 17 at 12:30 p.m. and led by Robert Shupp and Scott Loveridge (Michigan State University). This webinar will focus on Recognition and Stigma in Alcohol Abuse and Prescription Drug Misuse. To join the webinar, click here. Log in as a “Guest” and “enter room”.

Upcoming NCRCRD Webinars:

"Supporting Local Food Councils: A New Professional Development Course" - January 18 at 12 p.m.

"Potential Impacts of Pension Reductions" - January 23 at 2 p.m.

"Supporting Local Food Councils: A New Professional Development Course" - January 18 at 12 p.m.

Extension professionals and other community development specialists are often asked to engage in local food systems work. Fulfilling this request can be a challenge, especially for staff who are unfamiliar with local food systems programming and/or do not regularly facilitate community groups. Supporting Local Food Councils is a new professional development course designed to equip Extension staff and community development professionals with the education, material resources, organizational tools and videos to support the development and sustainability of food councils. Participants in this webinar will be given an overview of the course’s 15 modules and will have a chance to view a few of the course videos. Twenty local food council experts from around the U.S. provided content for this self-paced online course. Supporting Local Food Councils is available to all at no charge. Course participants that complete the quiz for each module will earn a certificate of completion.

Presented by: Jodee Ellett, Local Foods Coordinator for Purdue Extension, and Kendra Wills, MSU Extension, Downtown Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For complete information, click here.

"Potential Impacts of Pension Reductions" - January 23 at 2 p.m.

This study explores the exposure of rural communities to the rising risk of public and private pension fund insolvency. As rural communities continue to grey, America’s heartlands will increasingly rely on pension incomes to drive their economies.

The statuses of private, multiemployer and public pension funds are reviewed and standard input-output multiplier analyses are conducted to relate changes to larger regional impacts. Of the Midwestern counties selected in this study, the share of income tax returns with pension or annuity incomes ranged from 16 percent to 40 percent, comprising between six and 23 percent of total household adjusted gross income. 

This webinar will be presented by Steve Deller, Judy Stallman, and Steven Miller. For more information, click here.

eXtension Designathon One Regional Events - Indianapolis February 12-14 / Madison February 19-21:

Register to attend one of the ten regional eXtension Designathon One events that will be held this coming February – March.

North Central region events will take place in:

  • Indianapolis, IN, February 12-14 (co-hosted by Purdue University Extension).
  • Madison WI, February 19-21 (co-hosted by University of Wisconsin Extension)

However, you can attend any Designathon One event that works with your schedule. These events are drawing from the successes of Innovate Extension, which started right here in Ohio in 2016 and has since been held in six different states. eXtension’s Designathon One events will provide individuals and teams with the opportunity to experience cost effective, hands-on, and in-depth innovation training.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to take an idea from concept to reality, all while meeting and working with like-minded Extension professionals from across the country. OSU Extension’s Chris Walker and Karima Samadi will be two of sixteen facilitators leading the events in each region.

Registration and other information will be posted soon.

Upcoming eXtension Web Sessions:

Visit eXtension Learn ( to view and register for upcoming webinar sessions. Please share these events with others who may also be interested.

Topics include:

  • Supporting Local Food Councils: A New Professional Development Course - Monday, January 15 at 12:00 Noon
  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure Use to Control Combined Sewer Overflows - Tuesday, January 16 at 2 p.m.
  • The Art of Negotiating: Getting What You Need - Tuesday, January 16 at 2 p.m.
  • Agricultural Solar Electric Investment Analysis Webinar - Thursday, January 18 at 2 p.m.

Bed Bug Extension In-service Survey:

In Ohio, bed bugs can be a fact of life. Ohio has been consistently ranked near the top of all states infested with this pest over the past decade. Bed bugs can affect the rich and the poor, those who live in apartments, single family homes, and subsidized housing, and those in small towns and in big cities.

Susan Jones of the Dept. of Entomology is considering holding a 2-3 hour in-service on bed bugs for Extension educators of all program areas (FCS, 4H, ANR, CD) to attend. The outcome of this in-service would be for educators to become more knowledgeable about the resources OSU and other agencies have available, and how to identify, manage, and respond to bed bug infestations with the most current information to date.

If you would be interested in this type of training, please take ~2 minutes to answer these 12 questions which will determine if the training gets held and what will be covered.



Host a First Friday Coffee Break - Submissions due December 31:

Want to share cutting edge work you're doing with colleagues and gain experience presenting in a virtual learning environment?

The OSUE Ed Tech Unit is offering seven hosting slots for our First Friday Coffee Breaks in 2018. This is a perfect opportunity to showcase creative and innovative concepts or practices and demonstrate how you're strategically integrating technology into your Extension work to a statewide and national audience.

Those selected to host a 2018 Coffee Break will receive hands-on virtual presentation coaching from the Ed Tech Unit and have the option to present their Coffee Break to a national audience via eXtension.

Submissions will be accepted through December 31 and only require contact information, a brief description, and your availability. Submit here.

Generation Rx Proposals due January 12:

Since 2009, the Cardinal Health Foundation has supported prescription drug misuse prevention through their Generation Rx programs.

The work has grown in complexity, scope and reach, and now includes prescriber education, community support and drug take back programs in addition to prevention education.

They are pleased to announce three new Generation Rx requests for proposals, targeting four of the states that have been especially hard hit by the opioid epidemic. They invite you to review these grant opportunities, and apply for one or more to address the needs in your community.

  • Community-Level Response: These grants will be available only to communities in Ohio. They anticipate funding 5 communities at $75,000-$100,000 each.
  • Prevention Education for Youth: Grants will be available to organizations in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia. They anticipate funding 30-50 programs at $25,000-$35,000 each.
  • Best Practices in Pain Medication Use: Grants will be available to organizations in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia. They anticipate funding 20-30 programs at $25,000-$50,000 each.

Learn more about the program here.

Call for Proposals for the North Central Leadership Conference - Due January 15:

Don’t forget to submit your proposals for the North Central Leadership Conference to be held in East Lansing, Michigan Monday, April 30 – Wednesday, May 2.

Brief abstracts are being sought for Lightening Talks, Concurrent Sessions/Workshops, and even Ted Talks. This is a great opportunity to share your leadership knowledge and skills and learn from others – close to home. The planning committee is busy confirming an exciting slate of keynote and other plenary speakers you won’t want to miss.

For more information on the conference, check out this flyer.

SERC Seed Grant Proposals due January 31:

The Ohio State University Subsurface Energy Resource Center (SERC) was established to advance and disseminate our understanding of energy resources from underground sources and the intertwined environmental and socioeconomic issues. 

New for this year, they are expanding the scope of their Seed Grant Solicitation to include research under the broadest umbrella of energy and environment related research. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • alternative and clean energy sources
  • environmental and social issues as related to specific or broader energy and resource management issues
  • economic, environmental, and social costs/benefits of energy development (alternative and fossil fuel)
  • hazard and risk assessment of different methods of energy production on various endpoints/receptors
  • development of frameworks for managing energy development and
  • restoration/reclamation of lands damaged by energy extraction

To promote and facilitate cross‐disciplinary research and collaboration at OSU, SERC is seeking applications from OSU faculty and research staff for seed grant funding. The total expected budget is $50,000, from which they will fund 3 to 4 proposals. Priority will be given to Seed Grant proposals that demonstrate the potential to leverage the SERC funding as a first step to obtaining high return to the university (e.g., extramural funding from NSF, DOE, NIH, or foundational dollars).

Proposals should be submitted to Mike Kositzke ( by January 31. The SERC Management Team will review proposals and make their decision by February 15. The body of the proposal should be no longer than four pages including the narrative, figures, references and a budget. The proposal should include a title, team members and their affiliations, project summary, background, proposed work, expected outcomes and two page CVs of the PIs.

For proposals to receive serious consideration, they must demonstrate a clear relevance to energy-related issues in areas such as technological advances, environmental impacts and/or socio‐ economic issues. The funding is for one year and requires a mid‐term and final report. The final report should detail the success of the project and outline the next steps to be taken that leverage the SERC funds for any follow‐on effort.

Questions pertaining to this solicitation should be directed to Prof. David Cole, Interim Director, SERC ( Read more.

Share Your Ideas at Innovate 2018 – RFPs due February 2:

Each year, the Innovate program is created with you in mind, the educators interested in advancing teaching and learning with technology.

Who better to present than those who live and breathe these approaches every day? If you are employing a unique or refreshed idea in the classroom, apply now to share it at the Innovate conference on Friday, May 11. Request for proposals are due Friday, February 2. Read more.

NCRCRD Multi-State Rural Development Research or Extension Projects Proposals due February 5:


The North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD) at Michigan State University announces a competition for seed grants aimed at enhancing the ability of Land Grant institutions to positively influence the quality of life in rural areas of the twelve-state North Central region of the United States. Priority areas for the Center’s work include:

  • Building a 21st century economy
  • Sustainable communities
  • Leadership development and civic engagement
  • Community health and wellness

More complete descriptions of these themes are available on the Center’s website.  In addition to these priority areas, based on feedback from NCRCRD constituency, the Center has an equal interest in supporting work in the following areas:

  • Rural poverty
  • Addressing physical and mental health challenges
  • Demographic change

The proposal submission deadline is Monday, February 5 at 5 p.m. Click here for more information.



DesignEXT FAQs Available Online:

The most frequently asked questions to-date about the designEXT process have been summarized and approved by the OSUE Executive team.

The current FAQs are now posted at This is a “living document,” meaning that other FAQs will be added to clarify details as we move forward with our structure updates. As questions are added, they will be dated so you are aware of when specific information and decisions were finalized during the process. Anytime you have additional questions (from yourself or clients), you can forward them to Cheryl Buck ( and she will share them with our administrative team.

Ed Tech Survey:

From one-on-one coaching to large-scale national conferences, our OSUE Ed Tech Unit has had a busy year providing professional development opportunities both in-state and nationally. 

Their 2017 evaluation is an opportunity to provide feedback on how they have served you this year and where they can improve. This evaluation should take about five minutes to complete. You are encouraged to submit an evaluation if you have attended an in-person or virtual Ed Tech training, read our Ed Tech blog or newsletters, or requested assistance from them in any capacity. Click here to submit your evaluation.

Multifactor Authentication begins protecting BuckeyeBox on December 19:

Beginning Tuesday, December 19, BuckeyePass multifactor authentication is being added to BuckeyeBox. This change does not affect BuckeyeBox functionality, but it will increase security significantly. This change will allow you to use BuckeyeBox for files that contain some institutional data classified as "S4." As we allow more sensitive data to be stored in BuckeyeBox, it is important to be aware of what data you have stored in files you are sharing. Read more.

Reminder: Minors Policy Registration Requirement:

Ohio State is committed to providing quality programming for youth and promoting the safety and welfare of minors entrusted to the university's care.

As a reminder, the university's Activities and Programs with Minor Participants policy requires annual registration of programs and activities that involve minors. Registration should be completed 60 days before the activity or program begins. Also, visit the HR website for additional requirements, including training, background checks and Standards of Behavior. Read more.

Consent Needed for Electronic Delivery of Tax Form 1095-C:

Your 1095-C is a required tax form that provides important information about the health care coverage you had or were offered by Ohio State during 2017.

If you consented to receive the form electronically, it will be available from Equifax with secure access through Employee Self Service. Equifax will email you when your 1095-C is available. If you have not consented, you have until Wednesday, January 17 to do so; otherwise, the form will be mailed to your home address on file in the HR System by Wednesday, January 31. Read more.

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