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-Greg Davis, Assistant Director

March 29 In-Service

In a couple of weeks (March 29) we’ll be coming together for our spring 2017 CD in-service at the 4-H Center. I hope you are as excited about the day as I am. A big part of the day will involve NACDEP 2018 Conference planning and getting ready for the 2017 version set for June 11-14 (yes, that’s exactly 12 weeks away!). In addition to discussions focused on NACDEP (past, present, and future), we’ll continue our Futuring of CD Conversation from last summer and fall and visit with Roger Rennekamp, Ken Martin and Andy Wapner to learn more about the concept of ‘community health.’ A ‘grants and contracts’ update from Angie LeMaster is on the schedule as well.

How can you best prepare? Here are two key assignments:

  • ONE) Take a look at the Futuring handouts to see the priorities we’ve identified as a group. Think about what you see listed and come prepared to share thoughts.
  • TWO) Think about your work. What program opportunities are you passing up because you don’t have time, or the expertise or level of comfort to take them on? What are the areas you have an interest in learning more about or studying more deeply; for what areas do you want to be known throughout the state? Please come prepared to share and work as a team (refresh yourself on Urban Meyer’s ‘Above the Line’ if needed). I am envisioning a lively and energizing day!

This is how we do it…

Congrats to Eric Romich for his February ‘Research in Brief’ JOE article, Capitalizing on Multidimensionality in Survey Instruments to Ensure Delivery of Relevant Extension Programming. What is especially noteworthy is that this is but one creative/scholarly output originating from one Extension effort initiated by local partners (i.e. county commissioners) with a desire to learn more about their community. A related JOE article titled Residents' Perceptions Toward Utility Scale Wind Farm Development appeared in the December 2015 issue. And, in collaboration with others, a third output was created (it was actually thee first output from the effort, a bulletin published in December 2013) titled, Perspectives on Energy Development in the Wyandot County, OH Area.

ACT NOW! - Submit a Proposal for the Engagement Forum

For an ideal opportunity to share your work and make connections with potential collaborators, consider attending the OSU Annual Engagement Forum. Poster proposals are being accepted until March 15 for the 5th Annual Engagement Forum (that is Wednesday!). Complete the submission form at by March 15. If you want to discuss ideas, please give me a call or shoot a note to me ASAP. The Forum will take place on May 3 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Ohio Union Archie Griffin Ballroom.


I am very happy to report that Adam Ward, director of CFAES government affairs, started on March 6. As such, I am officially ‘retired’ from that interim post! I am excited to share a few insights with you about the opportunity when we meet on March 29.



Post-Award Fiscal Management of Sponsored Programs - March 15 (Wooster) & 21 (Columbus):

Faculty and Administrative/Fiscal Support Staff are invited to attend the Fiscal Overview sessions, which will be held Wednesday, March 15 in Wooster from 10 a.m.- noon and Tuesday, March 21 in Columbus from 10 a.m.-noon. The workshop will be presented by Angie LeMaster from the CFAES financial office.

During this Fiscal Overview session, many items will be discussed, including:

  • Financial responsibilities in monitoring projects: Who does what as the PI, Department Administrator, CFAES Administration, OSP
  • Audit worthy transactions, best practices for cost transfers, and close-out of awards-project overrun concerns
  • Communicating with OSP about budget revisions, switching project personnel, nearing end date, extensions, and supplemental funding
  • Release Time/Cost Share Form-considerations, accuracy and how to avoid issues
  • Effort Certification (eCert) and why this is necessary

Ohio AgritourismReady Conference - April 5:

Ohio State University's Innovate Conference - May 16:

The Innovate 2017: Impact Conference will be held Tuesday, May 16 at The Ohio Union.

Ohio State’s Office of Distance Education and eLearning invites you to the Ohio Union for Innovate, an annual conference bringing together educators, administrators, and tech industry professionals to explore recent advancements, best practices, and provocative approaches to teaching and learning with technology. The conference is built with the educator in mind: you don’t have to be tech savvy to fully participate in this day of presentations, demonstrations and valuable dialog. The schedule and other information can be found on the OSU Extension Ed Tech blog.

Don’t forget: our 2017 Innovate Extension hackathon event will take place the following day, May 17. This year’s event will be held at Vue in downtown Columbus; an inspiring and creative space for what will surely be another fun-filled day! Lots of improvements are coming to this year’s event, including a focused theme, presence from Ohio State and Columbus innovators and entrepreneurs, and a Virtual Ideation MeetUp in April. More details will be shared throughout the month of March.

Save the Date for CFAES Teaching and Learning Symposium - August 5:

On Tuesday, August 15, members of our teaching community are encouraged to attend the new CFAES Teaching and Learning Symposium.

At this event, attendees will be provided an opportunity to celebrate our successes and explore opportunities to enhance the teaching and learning exchanges that occur across our college. Anyone involved in the instructional delivery of our programs is encouraged to attend the event at the Fawcett Event Center on the Columbus campus. Bus transportation from the Wooster campus to the Columbus campus will be provided so that all may participate. More information will be coming in the future.



Signature Program Proposals - Logic Models due April 1:

If you are considering submitting a signature program proposal, the first step is to discuss this with your Assistant Director or Associate Director. You are encouraged to initiate this discussion in March and submit a Logic Model Worksheet by April 1. Download and complete the “Signature Program Logic Model Worksheet” outlining/identifying program goals and objectives, inputs, outputs, and outcomes to use as the basis for your discussions. You will be directed to upload this completed logic model worksheet pdf with your online proposal.

Following the discussions with the Assistant Director(s) and/or the Associate Director, Programs, the completed proposal should be submitted online at the Signature Program online RFP site by May 1. The submitted proposals will be forwarded to Administrative Cabinet and to the Signature Program proposal review committee for review. A copy of the Signature Program Guidelines are located online at

ServeOhio Grant RFPs and Call for Peer Reviewers:

AmeriCorps grant applications are available here. There are various deadline dates in April/May. One of the areas they are specifically targeting is the Opioid Crisis.

Further, they are looking for grant reviewers. If you are interested, contact Mary at for an application.



Ohioline Fact Sheet Topic Updates:

The updated Ohioline website has been live since January 2016. Since then, we have added a significant number of new and updated fact sheets to the site. We also have a number of fact sheet updates in process.

Several titles of the Ohioline fact sheet topic areas have now been adjusted, to better categorize the fact sheets as our end users might search for them. The topics assigned by the current fact sheet authors have been carried through as is, or re-assigned to the most appropriate topic(s) as necessary. The Fact Sheet Request Form – available via the link in Additional Resources on the Marketing and Communications website – has been updated to reflect the new titles as well.

Please continue to send your new/revised factsheet submissions to Greg Davis (cc: Sandy) to begin the review/approval process, following the policies/procedures found here. Let us know if you have questions.

National Council of Research Administrators (NCURA) Peer Review Program Report:

In November 2016, the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences hosted a team of three nationally recognized research administrators on the Columbus and Wooster campuses to conduct a peer review as part of the National Council of Research Administrators (NCURA) peer review program. This review, similar in nature to an academic program review, was done to ensure that we are appropriately organized to advance excellence in research and creative accomplishments. The report is available for review and comment at The report includes numerous recommendations that need and deserve additional conversation, input and consideration before final decisions can be made regarding their implementation. Those discussions will begin in the near future.

Some of the highlights of the review include:

  • There is a high level of pride expressed regarding being part of CFAES. Throughout the visit, the NCURA review team was impressed by the high level of commitment to research within CFAES, and believe this is a strong foundation for CFAES to move the research and discovery enterprise forward. Over 70 CFAES faculty and staff, including current CFAES leadership, were interviewed during the review.
  • CFAES’s research organization and administrative support structures need to be reviewed and enhanced. Our funding from different sponsors (particularly federal) brings risk, and it is imperative that we have support structures to manage that risk. Federal regulations are complex and change regularly, and it is important to have procedures in place to provide researchers with informed guidance rather than expecting researchers to keep up to date on these areas independently. Furthermore, as we continue to increase our faculty and research scientists' ranks across the College, it is important that we enhance existing and develop new pre-award and post-award support. The review team commended the work of the CFAES Grant Development Support Unit (GDSU), and indicated that the college needs to develop a clearly defined research support structure and clearly communicate the roles and responsibilities of these individuals and groups.
  • The administrative burden on CFAES PIs is much higher than is typically observed at other institutions. The NCURA review team believes that CFAES PIs are spending significant time on research administrative activities, impacting significantly the ability of faculty and staff to perform their research duties and attracting new research funding to CFAES.
  • Assessment of the research enterprise and appropriate metrics to measure impact are needed. As with academic programs, frequent assessment of the CFAES research activities is needed. While it is understood that these types of activities can be valuable for forecasting and measuring research performance and impact, they can also bring great value to managing and improving administrative performance and focus.
  • CFAES and the university should work together to enhance research support. Many of the areas discussed in the NCURA report need to be discussed both within CFAES and across the university. For instance, it was noted by the NCURA review team that the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is generally not staffed to provide significant local research administrative support, leading to delays and inefficiencies in research administrative support.

Please take a few moments to review the report, and the practices and recommendations provided by the NCURA review team. This is our collective opportunity to improve research administration and support in CFAES. Please forward comments on the report to Lori Kaser (

Updates Coming to IM and Presence:

Some exciting updates are coming to the Lync/Skype for Business Instant Messaging and Presence service on Tuesday, March 21. IM and Presence will be available within the Outlook Web App (webmail) to current users of the service. Additionally, users of IM and Presence will be able to communicate with consumer Skype users outside the university. Read more.

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