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AD Update:

Creating the Future

Over the last 18 months or so we’ve had countless opportunities to think about and discuss the future of Extension work and our role in leading it. For example, in the early part of last year, we focused on framing our individual and collective efforts around the Extension Strategic Plan, its Top Ten, and our very own Action List (see list below).

During this time we’ve also been part of a regional Extension culture study. We’ve had the opportunity to discuss and interpret our assessment findings as well as reflect on the elements of our organizational culture that might explain our assessment findings.

And of course the VP’s Conversation on the Future of Extension, which began about two years ago, is arguably our most comprehensive ongoing effort to engage a wide range of stakeholders (e.g., employees, volunteers, funders, customers, etc.) in organizational transformation. As part of the effort, we’ve learned more about what Ohioans may likely be facing in 2035 and have just begun to touch on what that means for Extension’s ‘action list’ for the future.

Finally, at the December 2015 Extension Annual Conference (seems like just yesterday) we heard keynote speaker Tim Kight talk about our “above the line” responses to events, managing our own “20 square feet” and the implications for organizational culture.

So how and where do all these efforts come together? To a large degree, I think it is up to us to arrange or assemble such efforts like puzzle pieces to create a picture. And like when we are assembling a difficult puzzle, it may be easier to assemble when we work together as a team.

Having had a chance to work with our new Extension director (aka ‘team leader’), Roger Rennekamp, the past few weeks, I am especially excited for our future. He has made it clear that we’ll continue to carry these organizational development efforts forward. So pull up a chair and begin to study the pieces…it’s time to help create the future!

Extension Strategic Plan – Action List

  1. Understand full range of Extension in Ohio
  2. Learn program needs
  3. Prioritize programs, efforts, and audiences
  4. Inventory e-Learning modules
  5. Create e-Learning modules (10% increase annually)
  6. Align applied research with Discovery Themes
  7. Increase creative and scholarly outputs of a collaborative nature
  8. Engage in interdisciplinary/cross-program/multi-state/inter-institutional efforts
  9. Evaluate teaching (face-to-face, via distance/webinar, etc.)
  10. Create and use evaluation tools for programs
  11. Document efforts via RiV
  12. Communicate impact via various media (e.g., micro-blog, blog, webpage, etc.)
  13. Use social media to extend reach
  14. Track reach of social media
  15. Increase extramural funding by 5% (annually)
  16. Increase contributions to CD endowment/development account by 5% (annually)
  17. Create and implement comprehensive marketing plan
  18. Focus on improving core competencies
  19. Participate in a diversity training (annually)
  20. Implement OSU Extension coaching and mentoring protocols



Ohio JCEP Winter Professional Development Scholarship Deadline - February 15:

The Winter Professional Development Scholarship deadline has been extended to Monday, February 15. Take advantage of this opportunity and apply now for funds to attend a spring or summer training.

Current members of Ohio JCEP may apply for up to $750 to support participation in educational events, conferences or online trainings; pursuit of an advanced degree; or special study assignments. A total of up to $2000 is available for this February deadline for Ohio JCEP members. Preference is given to applicants who haven’t received funding in the previous two years. The application is available at: It must be approved by a supervisor (usually a Regional Director or appropriate Assistant Director).

Completed forms should be sent to Rob Leeds ( no later than Monday, February 15 at 5 p.m. Supervisors’ approval can be emailed to him. A subcommittee of the Ohio JCEP Scholarship, Grants and Recognition Committee will make selections based on award criteria and members will be notified in a couple weeks.

Data Management Workshop - February 16:

The newly opened Research Commons at the 18th Avenue Library is hosting a workshop aimed at supporting researchers in STEM and Ag disciplines. Creating Data Management Plans for Grant Proposals will be presented on February 16. Contact: Register:

Zook to discuss 'Big Data' - February 19:

Professor Matthew Zook will deliver “Socializing Data: Mapping Culture and Governing Cities in the Era of Big Social Media” on Friday, February 19 at 3:30 p.m. in 1080 Derby Hall on the OSU Columbus campus. Zook will speak on new sources of geographically referenced “big data” that have become central to the perception and governance of cities. He studies how flows of material goods in the global economy are shaped by immaterial flows of information. Contact: Diane Carducci ( Read more:

Request for Promotion - A & P Educators and Faculty - Letter of Intent due March 7:

(Source: Ken Martin)

If you are considering a promotion request in 2016, the first step is to discuss this with your Regional Director and/or Assistant Director. You are encouraged to initiate this discussion in January and provide your supervisor with a copy of your dossier so they can provide informed feedback regarding the potential for your success in this process. If you decide to move forward, note the deadline below for submitting a letter to the department chair. To request (1) a department review for promotion to Educator III or IV, (2) a non-mandatory faculty promotion review, or (3) an untenured assistant professor faculty appointment without a national search, submit a letter of intent no later than midnight Monday, March 7 to Ken Martin ( and Lisa Dune ( Address the letter to: Ken Martin, Department Chair, 2120 Fyffe Road, Room 3, Ag Admin Building, Columbus, OH 43210. Also send a copy of the letter to your supervisor.

After the department has received the letter of intent, the candidate will receive a confirmation email. Reference the A&P Promotion Guide or the Faculty Promotion Guide for further details regarding the review and items due. The 2016-2017 guidelines will be made available in January. Questions may be directed to your supervisor, the Administrative & Professional Promotion Committee Chair, Nate Arnett (, the Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee Chair, David Civittolo (, or me (

North Central Region Water Network 2016 Conference - March 21-23:

The North Central Region Water Network 2016 Conference  will be held March 21-23 in Lincoln, Nebraska, featuring From Science to Success: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice in Water Resource Management as its theme. Register here and visit the conference webpage for more details, including lodging and a request for posters.

International Ecoacoustics Congress – June 6-8:

Michigan State University will host the International Ecoacoustics Congress 2016 at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center on the Michigan State University Campus on June 6-8. Ecoacoustics is a new interdisciplinary science that investigates natural and anthropogenic sounds and their relationship with the environment over a wide range of study scales, both spatial and temporal, including populations and communities. Ecoacoustics operates in all types of terrestrial and aquatic (freshwater and marine) ecosystems extending the scope of acoustics and bioacoustics.

The registration fee will be $195 for a regular registration (e.g., researchers, faculty, interested parties) and $95 for students. Transportation will be arranged to the Kellogg Center. Click to access the site with the Ecoacoustics Congress details.



USDA Seeks Fellowship Applications for Future Agricultural Scientists, Science Educators:

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the availability of $18.9 million in competitive grants to support fellowships and other higher education training projects in food, nutrition, natural resources and agriculture fields. These fellowships are administered through USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and will support pre- and post-doctoral fellowships, undergraduate fellowships, and professional development for secondary school teachers and educational professionals. Read more for complete information and application deadlines.

EPA and USDA Launch New Effort to Support Broadband and Main Street Redevelopment - Letters of Interest Due February 24:

Communities interested in using broadband service to help revitalize small-town main streets and promote economic development are encouraged to apply for Cool & Connected, a pilot program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Sustainable Communities.

Through Cool & Connected, a team of experts will help community members develop strategies and an action plan for using planned or existing broadband service to promote smart, sustainable development. The program will provide assistance by helping communities take advantage of new or existing broadband service to create walkable, connected, economically vibrant main streets and small-town neighborhoods. Two-page letters of interest are due February 24 to Ed Fendley (

National Rural Grocery Summit V - Call for Presentations/Abstracts due March 15:

The Kansas State University’s Rural Grocery Initiative (RGI) invites you to submit an abstract or panel presentation to their Fifth National Rural Grocery Summit, June 6-7 at the Hyatt Regency in Wichita, Kansas.

Local grocery stores are vital to rural America. These stores provide essential jobs and taxes. They are an important source of nutrition and health. Grocery stores are where we meet friends, catch up on the latest news and stay connected. Like schools, post offices, and cafes, grocery stores are community assets that attract and retain citizens. A thriving local grocery store is a sign of a healthy rural community. Yet, rural citizens continue to lose access to healthy foods and their rural grocery stores continue to struggle.

RGI is very interested in receiving abstracts regarding successful and innovative approaches to establishing or sustaining rural grocery stores and/or rural food access. The deadline for receiving abstracts or panel suggestions is March 15.   

For more information, please view the conference website ( to see details for submitting an abstract and a detailed description of conference themes.

2016 ESP National Conference – Proposals due March 20:

The 2016 ESP National Conference will be held October 24-27 in Cape May, New Jersey. The conference theme is Turning the Tide with ESP. Deadline for online submission of abstracts is March 20. Authors will be notified of their selection by June. Click for further information and guidelines/requirements.

Your Project might be right for Crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding offers a new opportunity for Buckeye Nation to provide support to the colleges, units, programs and projects at Ohio State. The new platform, Buckeye Funder, goes live in February. Potential crowdfunding ideas include innovative projects, organization service trips, events, research, and other Ohio State-specific ventures. The application will evaluate your project's suitability for Buckeye Funder and a crowdfunding campaign. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.



2015 OSU Extension Annual Report available soon:

PDF files of the new OSU Extension Annual Report quad-fold and the one-pagers will be posted soon on the CFAES Marketing and Communications web site at: Copies of the 2014-2009 Extension annual reports are also posted at this link, as well as the OARDC annual reports. Counties will be receiving two hard copies of the 2015 report.

Please use the online PDF files to print and distribute copies of the annual report stories for your needs. Administration has a limited number of pre-printed copies on hand for special requests. Please contact Cheryl Buck ( if you need a few copies for a special use.

Ed Tech Use and Skills Survey:

Click here to complete the annual Tech Use and Skills survey for the organization. Feedback on the survey allows the Ed Tech Unit to tailor professional development and coaching opportunities to current needs. Information on how 2015 tech survey results were utilized is included in the recent Ed Tech Year in Review blog post.

Comprehensive Energy Management Plan – Campus Meetings February 4:

To strengthen our sustainability efforts, Ohio State is considering an innovative energy strategy that also could provide new resources for our academic mission. Your input is important to the process. On Thursday, February 4, the Office of Academic Affairs is hosting two meetings, which are open to faculty, staff and students. A project update will be provided and participants will have the opportunity to share thoughts and ask questions. RSVP for a meeting. Read more:

University Staff Advisory Committee seeking Applicants - Apply by February 29:

The University Staff Advisory Committee (USAC) seeks motivated staff to serve during the 2016-2019 term. Apply now through February 29. Application materials are available at Send completed applications to Thomas Hatch, USAC chair-elect. Contact:

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