Our Mission, Values, and Vision

Ohio State University Extension brings the knowledge of The Ohio State University to your door. We fulfill the university's land-grant mission by interpreting knowledge and research developed by the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Ohio State, and other land-grant universities across the U.S., so that Ohioans can use the science-based information to better their lives, businesses, organizations, and communities.

Our Mission

Ohio State University Extension Community Development helps communities enhance their well-being and create social, economic and environmental conditions in which they can thrive.

Our Values

As Community Development professionals, we value:

  • Education as a means to help people identify assets, capacities, needs, resources, and solutions
  • Civic involvement (or participation) to improve the quality of community/neighborhood life
  • Internal and external collaborations and partnerships
  • The uniqueness of individuals and communities/neighborhoods
  • The applied and theoretical dimensions of community development
  • The development of viable communities through the wise use of natural, economic, social, and human resources
  • Scientific information and local knowledge as a basis for decisions

Our Vision

Ohio State University Extension Community Development is a leader in community development education and an unbiased partner in the implementation of strategies to achieve community and organizational goals.

Our educational and applied research efforts are aligned under four areas of emphasis:

  • Economic Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Capacity Building
  • Community Planning

Our work, and the work of OSU Extension, falls under the following impact areas:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Workforce Development
  • Thriving Across the Lifespan
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Engaged Ohioans, Vibrant Communities
  • Environmental Quality

CD Talking Points

Our CD talking points resulted from a 2014 marketing plan and allow all Extension units to express the same message when describing or marketing CD programs.