Give to Community Development

Making a life by what you give
(CD Blog article written 2/26/2015 by Emily Winnenberg,
Director of Development for OSU Extension, CFAES)

Since its earliest beginnings, Extension has been the product of a strong working partnership. Federal, state and local government funds have supported Extension programs throughout Ohio for nearly 100 years. To augment these traditional funding streams, efforts have turned to program grants, contracts and gifts. Grants and contracts have supported countless special projects and programs.

More and more, we look to gifts to help offset the costs of professional development and recognition. Extension CD has endowment and support funds in place to accept your donations for this purpose. Giving is made very easy for both . . .

Established September 22, 2006 by employee contributions and funds from existing accounts within Extension. Distribution supports community development work with OSU Extension. Unused distribution is reinvested to principal.

Support for educational programs within OSU Extension Community Development

If you have given to support these efforts in the past, we thank you very much. If you are interested in giving now, please let us know if you have questions (contact us).