1. Cleveland Climate Action Plan Update 2018

    Cleveland Climate Action Plan Updated

    Feb 7, 2019

    A growing consensus among experts indicates that the climate in northeast Ohio is changing. Temperature extremes are becoming pronounced, with more heat waves in the summer and a greater frequency of extreme rain storms. Without action these trends will likely continue, exposing already vulnerable populations to increased natural hazards. The City of Cleveland is helping its residents adapt to the changing climate by engaging in climate action planning.

  2. Susan Colbert

    Susan Colbert honored as Raymond A. Schindler Excellence in CD Extension Award recipient

    Jan 30, 2019

    On January 24, during the annual OSU Extension Awards Banquet at the Ohio Union, Susan Colbert was presented the Raymond A. Schindler Excellence in Community Development Extension Award for her ability to develop and deliver multidisciplinary, evidence-based programs in collaboration with colleagues, stakeholders, private industry and state and federal funding partners that empower others to affect positive change.

  3. Person shooting video via a smartphone.

    Engaging Social Media Users through Videos

    Jan 24, 2019

    In our fast-paced social media driven world, pictures and videos help tell the stories that are taking place around us every day. There have been many studies done that have shown that time on digital media has replaced time once spent reading.