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Community Development

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Seek Excellence - Organizational Development

Seek Excellence

seek (verb): to look for or discover

excellence (noun): the quality of being excellent or very good

Discover the best in you. Seek excellence.

Board Development & Training

A workshop for governing boards

  • Learn about Ohio’s legal requirements for members of nonprofit boards
  • Discover strategies to improve your board’s effectiveness
  • Set and achieve goals for your board
  • Improve communication between board members, the Executive Director and other staff
  • Learn tips for improving attendance at board meetings, selecting new board members, making meetings more productive (and fun), and more

Community Assessment

A process for groups, organizations or community leaders

  • Identify your community’s assets, needs, and opportunities
  • Tap into the opinions, wisdom and concerns of community members
  • Utilize information gathering resources designed specifically for your community to address needs, form partnerships, seek funding, and tackle community concerns

Community Health Assessment

A process for groups, organizations or community leaders

  • Identify your community’s health needs, concerns and challenges
  • Gain a snapshot of health providers in your area
  • Use data to develop strategies to improve health care and create a more livable, healthier community

Customer Service & Continuous Quality Improvement

A workshop for small businesses, organizations, employee groups, community groups

  • Gain an understanding of the concepts and practices of continuous quality improvement
  • Consider customers with a fresh perspective
  • Learn tips, techniques, and suggestions for handling typical and difficult situations
  • Become aware of service delivery methods and the impact on customer relations
  • Be encouraged and motivated to enhance a customer-focused friendly attitude
  • Be able to implement practices focused priorities for effectively handling customers – even the difficult ones

Hospitality Basics

A workshop for visitor bureau or chamber of commerce staff and volunteers

  • Discover ways to empower volunteers and staff to create a visitor-friendly community (business)
  • Learn strategies to improve communication and provide courteous service
  • Improve a visitor’s impression of your community

Stakeholder & Focus Group Interviews

A process for groups, organizations or community leaders

  • Tap into the insight of specific groups like your organization’s stakeholders or special community groups
  • Discover what community leaders, business owners, influencers, board members and others think and believe about your organization’s effectiveness
  • Examine specific issues, concerns, or topics
  • Utilize the collected narratives to improve the work and impact of your organization

Strategic Planning for Organizations or Communities

A process for groups, organizations or community leaders

  • Determine your organization’s purpose, and attract people to help carry out your mission
  • Clearly articulate goals and to improve the desired outcomes for your organization or community
  • Move your community or organization forward, to a collective, desired future
  • Increase effectiveness, better allocate resources, improve decision-making

Wage and Benefit (Compensation) Study

  • Maximize profitability
  • Provide useful benchmarking information for compensation considerations
  • Attract the best candidates to all positions in the organization or business
  • Provide documentation to grow and improve the organization or business
  • Compare compensation across business classifications, communities, and with state and national averages
  • Maintain competitive benefits options